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Thank You or Not Benjamin

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 12:20 AM
She was becoming weary of exploring and trying to find a real medium who could tell her real things about herself.
It had been years of psychic fairs at $5.00 a pop as she did not pay over that amount, being on a fixed income, and raising a son as a single Mom.
There was a new metaphysical place that had just opened in the old DAR building..and there were new psychics..this gave her new hope.
They had had a bad opening to this facility as a beautiful man, too beautiful to live had been giving a reading, and told his client he would be right back, instead he went into the next room and blew his head off.
It had the very first readings done by the little known medium called Lazaris and he was very interesting..but still she did not feel drawn to any of them, but at the next psychic event, she went and met a new obviously homosexual reader..He came over to her and asked if she would like a reading and she told him not for a price..He said how about free?
She had a seat in one of the private rooms as he began.
"I had to give you a reading because I do not think you know why you are here, and it is kind of scary for me to tell you that you are a walking computer, and you record everything you see and you did not incarnate from an earthly past life but from a star system, you came here to record people and events and the Masters who watch over you are learning about humans through your eyes.As long as you live, they will protect you and make sure your needs are met..You can live a long life or not, it is up to you as you chose this life because these are troubled times for this planet.Nobody comprehends you, thus you will not really find a mate you can stay with, though I see you are getting married soon.
And finally, I must tell you--DO NOT dis-cuss what you have been told by me, as it could get you locked up or worse, you see things that people get killed over.May I say it has been a pleasure to meet-read you as there are FEW spacials and they are difficult to meet or find..Do you have any questions?"
She said no as she was shaking all over and as she left, she forgot to say thank you or screw you for telling me what I am and am doing here..


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