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A spider watched me while I dream

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posted on Oct, 24 2005 @ 05:32 PM
I had multiple dreams last night. I remember being attacked by many people I did hold fear yet I did not run or wake nor did I fight but I was able to stop them. I was attacked by a drunk man he was strong I could see in in better shape than I but I went to stop him with out fight and he ran into my arm and broke his nose. The next day he brought his brother I was out numbered yet I seen a friend english Dj carl Cox (very nice englishman btw) I passed the men and walked to carl cox I said with a smile Carl Cox OYE OYE! He looked back and smiled and he helped protect me. After we were leaving they tried to fight again in a weakend state Carl jumped and got them and the Police were coming and I went home to tell everyone about my amazing story I than awoke to see a large spider watching me but ran off the bed when he saw I saw him.

BTW here is Carl Cox

Here's the fat prick that was watching me

Anyone care to comment on this one!

On the note of spiders I notice a tiny one draws from the ceiling when in deep thought very odd.

By the way the night before I had a dream of a well fit man that did something bad to someone I know can't remember what but I was going to stand up for the person until I saw the man and I feared and walked around him. Its funny I now have this dream the day after.

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