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for anyone whos wondered or wanted answerers about reptilians aka reptoids aka dracos come her

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 11:33 PM
i notice there are alot of old posts about reptilians but they are out there aliens are out there god is out there if people belive god an never seen good or seen no proof how can they not belive there are aliens races out there anywayz ill slap sum awesome sites with lots of information an pics jus another beliver helpin people who belive aswell thanks hope to hear back

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 12:40 AM
Got any real photos? Those websites only have drawings, and pretty bad ones at that. E.g.:

The one "Snapshot of an Alien (Reptilian)" is some guy's moving cigarette captured with low shutter speed and plants in the background. Probably in the back yard at a BBQ. =>
Note, however, the orange-tan object, above and just to the right of the creature. There is also an orange object at the extreme right. High resolution scans of these objects were inconclusive. What they suggest, however, is the presence of a second creature to the right, and perhaps, a structure of some sort in the background, behind the dense foliage.

I love the description.

And one website name: Bloody brilliant!


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posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 12:56 AM
this is fun, can I play ?

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 01:24 AM

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 06:20 AM
hey i dont know where to post this but i dont wanna make a new topic. Anyways I read somewhere that the main baddies of the aliens are the winged-draco. Like a lizards/snakes with wings? Anyhoo, in the book Holographic Universe the authur talks about alot of strange mystical things and one thing was a story about a guy who went to research an indian shaman somehwhere in africa of south america i guess. Anyways he decided to actually try to psychotropic plant that the shaman eats to have visions. And he saw some winged serpents crawling out of his (?) spine. And they spoke and told him that they made humans and they are our gods. Well after he came out of his trance he asked the shaman what these creatures were talking about and the shaman just laughed it off and said "they always say that, they're just lying." And this reminded me about some alien encounters people have when the "bad" aliens tell people that humans were created by these reptile aliens and not god.

Anyone think that the spirits this guy saw were these same winged dracos, and that all alien sightings could just be our new way of seeing angels and demons?

posted on Oct, 22 2005 @ 06:34 AM

Originally posted by wecomeinpeace

Haha, god I love Monty Python.

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 03:45 AM
Funny, the first reptoid, looks vaguely similar to the snake creature in the movie "dreamscape", with Dennis Quaid
And holy Cwap
Reptoid poop explodes? Maybe this is our new weapon of m*ASS* destruction

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