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When is Mel Gibson going to make another Mad Max movie??

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 11:23 AM
I heard a rumor last year that Mel finally found a script he liked and was ready to make another Mad Max movie...can anyone corroborate this story?...and if so, any idea when it's supposed to come out??

ah hell...why don't I do a google......


Mad Max will be back, says Miller
Posted by Clint Morris on July 6, 2005

Seems you just can't keep an Apocalyptic Road Warrior Down.

George Miller's one-time full-speed-ahead plans for "Mad Max 4", are back on, the veteran filmmaker tells Australia's Empire Magazine.

Though the film's production office - at Sydney's Fox Studios - has been vacated, and Mel Gibson is far from a lock, Miller says he still plans on doing the film.

"Yeah, there's a real hope", Miller says, when asked whether he thinks the sequel will be resurrected.

Miller doesn't think he has to live up to people's expectations with it, he'll just make the best movie possible. "You don't sit there saying, "Oh, I better make this film better than the last one". You say, "is this a great story"?

So, is it? "The last thing I wanted to do is another Mad Max, but this came along, and I'm completely carried away with it. We were about to do the film, but the war came and the American dollar crashed and it was almost impossible to ship vehicles to our location. We had a deadline, and we couldn't meet it. We also had a deadline on Happy Feet [his next movie], so we said, "It's one or the other". So it's happy feet".

My understanding was that Mel agreed to do the movie.....but I guess we'll have to see......I would go see it in IMAX if it was played in IMAX!!...if Mel's not in it, I don't see the point of bothering to even make the movie!!

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