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Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Critises Bush Administration

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 05:12 AM
First I have found this Article in our Local Newspaper and I have seached the Web for the original Transcript. I have found it on MSNBC News site. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, ex-chief of Cabinet of Colina Powella has spoken on Wednesday in front of Washington Institute called New America Foundation.

Here are some Highlights, but the Speach is much longer, if you have time, read it whole:

We need something like that today. Let me tell you why I say that. Decisions that send men and women to die, decisions that have the potential to send men and women to die, decisions that confront situations like natural disasters and cause needless death or cause people to suffer misery that they shouldn't have to suffer, domestic and international decisions, should not be made in a secret way.

That's a very, very provocative statement, I think. All my life I've been taught to guard the nation's secrets. All my life I have followed the rules. I've gone through my special background investigations and all the other things that you need to do and I understand that the nation's secrets need guarding

And I would say that we have courted disaster, in Iraq, in North Korea, in Iran, generally with regard to domestic crises like Katrina, Rita and I could go on back, we haven't done very well on anything like that in a long time. And if something comes along that is truly serious, truly serious, something like a nuclear weapon going off in a major American city, or something like a major pandemic, you are going to see the ineptitude of this government in a way that will take you back to the Declaration of Independence. Read it some time again.

I don't know what the case is today. I wish I did. But the case that I saw for 4 plus years was a case that I have never seen in my studies of aberration, bastardizations, [UI], changes to the national security [UI] process. What I saw was a cabal between the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, and the Secretary of Defense and [UI] on critical issues that made decisions that the bureaucracy did not know were being made.


Interesting, no?

Looks like the Chaney-Rumsfeld Cabal has Adopted the Foreign Policy of the United States with Catastrophic consequences for American Security and Reputation. This Cabal was OBSESSED with War in Iraq from its very Beginning and they had plans for it long, long time before the event on the 9-11.

Bush Administration is described as OBsessed with Secrecy, Arrogant and full of Internal Struggles. And they have shown complete and utter Incompetence to deal with Crisis Situations like Iraq, Iran, North Korea and domestic disasters, such as Katrina and Rita Hurrican Aftermath.

Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) Larry Wilkerson joined General Colin L. Powell in March 1989 at the U.S. Army’s Forces Command in Atlanta, Georgia as his Deputy Executive Officer. He followed the General to his next position as Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, serving as his special assistant. Upon Powell's retirement from active service in 1993, Colonel Wilkerson served as the Deputy Director and Director of the U.S. Marine Corps War College at Quantico, Virginia. Upon Wilkerson’s retirement from active service in 1997, he began working for General Powell in a private capacity as a consultant and advisor.

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