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EU - H5N1 as arrived. Greeks the first!

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posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 04:48 PM
As predicted H5N1 arrived to the EU, first the Turks and now the Greeks. How long until EU start taking real action to fight the H5N1?
"Alarm grows in EU as virus spreads to Greek island"
Greece on Monday became the first member state of the European Union to report a case of bird flu when the H5 virus was identified in a turkey from the Aegean island of Oinoussa.

Evangelos Basiakos, agriculture minister, said further tests would be made at a laboratory in Thessaloniki to determine whether the virus was from the deadly H5N1 strain. He said the laboratory had been licensed by the European Union to carry out avian flu testing.
The Greek outbreak comes as EU foreign ministers hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss bird flu and world trade talks.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

One thing i found is the possible evidence for H5N1 wild Bird Flu cover-up in Europe. Please check:

Text Quote:
Evidence For H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Cover-up in Europe Mounts

Recombinomics Commentary
October 17, 2005

What about the reports that other birds, including 15 swans, have been found dead on a lake outside the quarantine zones? "A lot of birds have been falling ill, don't ask me how many," he says. "I'm just a human being. I can only tell you what has been happening in Ceamurlia."

Later, we hear that the ministry has issued a statement saying that no swans have died on any other lake. However, later on the internet, we see that some Romanian news agencies are reporting that villagers from Ceamurlia first noticed birds washing up on the shores of the lake three months ago and that it was only when the fisherman discovered his own chickens had died that anyone thought to send tissue samples away for testing.

It is the most worrying thing we have heard all day.

The above comments on H5N1 wild bird flu in Romania overlook the fact that there has been a clear cover-up of H5N1 in Europe since August. In August there were media reports of birds dying in the Volga Delta at the northern end of the Caspian Sea. Reports out of Russia would change almost daily. The Kalmikya region was H5N1 confirmed one day and then denied the next. Confirmation would indicate that H5N1 had migrated form Siberia and had entered Europe in August

Friday the OIE mission report on H5N1 in Russia acknowledged that H5 had been PCR confirmed in Kalmikya, indicating it has been in Europe since August. As noted above, birds were washing up on the shores of the Black Sea since August. However, no European country reported H5N1 to OIE until last week, when Romania and Turkey issued their reports on H5 infected poultry.

H5N1 is a reportable disease that has gone unreported in Europe for three months.

Monitoring and reporting of H5N1 in Europe, like Asia, remains scandalously poor. Iran is the third country to report bird deaths last week, However, Iran has maintained that the 3673 birds died from a "mysterious disease" that is not avian influenza. Most countries in the area have also reported initial negative test data.

The scandal continues.

MAP of H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Outbreaks


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