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A new development with stem cell research!

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posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 08:35 AM

Scientists have perfected a way of making embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryos from which they derive


The discovery of a technique to extract stem cells without impairing the embryos could remove a major hurdle facing scientists who are trying to develop treatments for diseases such as diabetes and motor neurone disease.

So now there seems to be a non-destructive way to create new stem cells. Could this be the key to allowing stem cell research, all while ensuring no one's "right to life" is trampled on?

The article goes on to say:

In work carried out in mice, the researchers let fertilised eggs divide for two to three days until they formed a ball of eight cells. They then removed one of the cells and cultured it in a dish. They found it grew into a mass of cells, some of which turned into ES cells. The remainder of the cells were reimplanted into surrogate mothers and allowed to develop normally. In 48 attempts, foetuses developed in 29 mothers, a success rate comparable to that seen in surrogate fertility clinics, the researchers claim.

Now, personally, i am i a big supporter of stem cell research. I also do understand the concern that some may have regarding cloning and playing god - however i think it is totally possible for us to walk that fine line and stay ethical (thus keeping everyone happy while providing the fruits of this science to us all).

Anyway my question is this - if you are currently against stem cell research, would this method change your mind?

edit- fixed the subject slightly.

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