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Stealth Justice Uncloaks: Roberts Was Scalia Clone All Along

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posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 05:44 AM
Good news if you hate democracy, love Federal intervention and consider the 20th century something that should be repealed.

by David Podvin

The Associated Press reported on October 5, “New Chief Justice John Roberts stepped forward Wednesday as an aggressive defender of federal authority to block doctor-assisted suicide, as the Supreme Court clashed over an Oregon law that lets doctors help terminally ill patients end their lives.”

Just days after effortlessly conning Democratic senators into confirming him, Roberts has shed all pretense of decency and revealed his true self. While hearing the case of Gonzales v. Oregon, the Chief Justice contradicted his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony by casting aside the disingenuous conservative talking points of original intent and judicial restraint. He strongly aligned with Antonin Scalia and insisted that in deference to right wing ideology the high court must trump the voters’ will.

Mr. Roberts has now made his real agenda so unavoidably clear that even myopic moderate Democrats should be able to see it. Rather than literally interpreting the Constitution, the man whose extremism is no longer stealthy plans to spend his tenure on the high court literally implementing the Republican Party platform.

It is fitting that Roberts’ first oral argument in a major case involves euthanasia because this is the area that best illustrates the self-righteous cruelty of conservatives. Freedom from government interference is theoretically the premise of judicial conservatism, but reactionaries deny that freedom to people whose chronic physical pain has made life unbearable. As a sacrificial offering to their Almighty Wizard Who Lives Beyond The Sky, Republicans insist on coercing the terminally ill to suffer needlessly. The zealots are so determined to impose superstitions upon the most defenseless Americans that they have eagerly cast aside their holy grail of states rights.

Roberts’ explicit objection to the Oregon statute is that, “It creates the potential for a patchwork of laws across the nation regarding the matter.” In other words, the states rights advocate claims that he opposes assisted suicide based on the inherently pernicious nature of states rights. This argument was rejected as pretzel logic by none other than William Rehnquist. Nevertheless, the “brilliant” Roberts has presented the convoluted rationale because his real reason reflects even more negatively on him. From the despicable theocratic perspective, allowing incurably ill human beings to decide the terms of their demise is just another secular defamation of God, not unlike letting women control their bodies or tolerating gay love.

Roberts will be the point man in what conservatives proudly call their “war on the counterculture” that is designed to reverse the social advances of the twentieth century. The effort is financed by Corporate America and is being waged against those who vote for Democrats. The GOP strategy starts with obtaining dominance of the judiciary and the extraordinary power to repeal progress that goes with it. The plan includes redistributing wealth upwards, controlling the dissemination of news, and manipulating the electoral process. There is a well-coordinated attempt to defund the Democratic Party with relentless assaults on labor unions and trial lawyers. Conservatives are working hard to eliminate the separation of church and state, censure the arts, and neuter academia. The Republicans are also intent upon reinstating repressive sexual mores by eliminating reproductive and gay rights.

How about a new bumper sticker for social conservatives?

State's Rights! Sometimes.

Of course to be fair, that's really everyone's position. The difference is liberals support state's right when it advances civil liberties or grants rights the federal government does not address. Conservatives, however, only support state's rights for the opportunity to restrict rights the federal government guarantees. Got to love the game.

Everyone's an activist, it's just a matter of which team you play for. Are you a rights activist or a restrictions activist? Robert's has chosen sides with the restrictionists already. You can count on the brainless Miers to be another clone as well. These government activists are like the Borg. Democracy? Assimilated. The will of the people? Resistance is futile.

You've got to take out the hive mind where it lives and sends our collective the self destruct orders. I think it's based in Australia.

[edit on 16-10-2005 by RANT]

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