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iTunes iN trouble? (V6 bugs)

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posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 07:59 AM
Ok, so I have iTunes 4.7.1, and it worked really well. Until a few days ago. Apple no longer allows downloads for iTunes versions below 4.9. They are touting version six as the thing to download.

Only problem is that I've heard lots of horror stories about version six! People have been complaining that their iPods no longer are recognized, they cannot purchase music, and they can't even play the music that they have purchased! It sounds like a real fiasco.

Some people have it working, that's good at least. If you are planning on upgrading to six, I'd strongly reccomend that you:

1. Backup purchased music to a rippable format (Audio CDs)
2. Backup library music (CD, DVD, ext. HDD)

Apple's support on this stuff has been non-existant. :shk:

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