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Prophecy fulfilling - lifeless oceans

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:07 AM
New lifeless parts of the oceans. Is this 'prophecy' fulfilled
from scripture, or just part of mankind mucking up the world?
Or perhaps both .. scripture foretold mankind mucking up the
world? (of course it could be that scripture made a lucky guess ...)


Snip from the middle of the article -

"It looked like a nuclear holocaust," one diver, Mike Miller, said after diving
in the Gulf of Mexico off Tampa a month or two ago. "From the top to the
bottom, there was nothing alive."

It wouldn't be so alarming if it were an isolated event, but right after that
came reports from the other side of the country. The Pacific off Oregon has
experienced a die-off of birds, declining fisheries, and wildly fluctuating
conditions in the past few months, and has set the stage for
another "dead zone," according to experts at Oregon State University.

From California have come accounts of strange and massive migrations of
sea creatures -- not just one species, but dozens of different kinds
grouped together and so thick for miles that at times swimmers had
trouble getting into the water.

Meanwhile, in one region of British Columbia where sockeye salmon fishing
is allowed, boats came back empty or near-empty last summer, as the
annual sockeye run failed to materialize. "On the Fraser River, 11 million
salmon were predicted to return, but the peak last weekend saw about
100,000 fish," said a report from there.

In Revelation, of course, there is the event in which all the sea animals are
killed (16:3), but that was in one huge singular event. What we are
seeing is more progressive.


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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 11:20 AM
The angel has not poured his vial out, this is not the time of the Great Tribulation, this is nothing more than man pouring his vial into the seas for too long.
The Gulf of Mexico, the most beautiful part of living in the Southeast, is dying, and it is truly heartbreaking.

posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 07:28 AM

Fish Die Off page. It has some interesting information
for the past few months.

I am of the opinion that perhaps it's US that will be
the vial that kills the seas at tribulation time. It may
not be ... but it sure could be considering ...

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