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Dane Cook - Abducted

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:06 AM
Not sure if this would belong in BTS or somewhere else, but i thought it would be appropriate for this forum because it talks about abductions.

Has anyone had the chance to hear Dane Cooks new CD? Well on track 6, he talks about being abducted by aliens. HILARIOUS track. If you haven't heard it, i suggest trying to get a copy even just for this track.

"Sometimes when I was young I would just hung out in the woods waiting to get abducted by a UFO, I would just wait for that blue light to suck me up... thats not necessary... just drop a rope ladder down I can climb! Don't suck me up by a blue light.. that **** hurts"

Once agian sorry if this belongs somewhere else, but thought it might be a nice light hearted thread. Mods feel free to move it.

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