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Craziest nut out there!

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:18 AM
So I was browsing other "similiar" forums while ATS was down - again (cough-cough
) - and I took the time to read some of the applications for the JREF Million Dollar Challenge...
JREF Applicants Log

(Spot the familiar name - Prophet Yahweh ring a bell?)

I just had to share this one with everyone...
JOHN N. MAGUIRE, Assisted by "Gosts"

Do yourself a favour, and read what this guy "claims"...
Here's a few examples...

I (Kramer) received an email from this applicant which was so transparent (literally, I mean), that could see right through the words, and I was really not able to make them out. I responded by asking the applicant to stop playing games and re-send the email in normal type.

Here is his response:

Sorry, I wrote in gost proof "ink" grey. But if you want, you can hit select all, and then hit font or text tye, and change to black. But increases the chance of gost reading it.

And another part...

Today I (Kramer) received 3 notarized affidavits, as follows. The first, hastily scrawled on a 3x5 yellow note pad page, was signed by the applicant himself. The third, scrawled on a slightly larger piece of white paper, appeared to beat the same signature. The handwriting on all 3 appeared practically identical.

1st affidavit:
Affidavid: I swear i think i saw it move.
-John Maguire, III

2nd affidavit:
I, Ann Maguire, believe I saw the blade move and go back on August 30, 2005.
-Ann Maguire

3rd affidavit:
Affiadavt. Today I witnessed a unusual demonstation. A small propeller -like a blade moved counterclockwise "by it self" with no apparent "power" attraction.
Signed, John W. Maguire

This is the best part: After Kramer (the JREF Mil dollar administrator) figured that this guy is a nut, and that he (John Maguire) already tried his luck with the challenge - twice, Kramer exposed John, and this is the mail Kramer got in return:

You (JREF) owe me (J Maguire) a million dollars: 2 million.
1: for the itching you got when I first demonstrated possessors exits.
2: for the demonstration with two independent witnesses who verifyed it, and hopefully will work with your demonstration checker.

Calling the police and reporting you for fraud is a step I could take. The contract I signed did not have three wittnesses, so you dont believe I signed it, so it is invalid.

John N. Maguire III and the gosts
send for our free religion

Also, if you visit John N. Maguire's website - you'll find the following picture on there with the description:

Man From Hell (Man who didn't go to church enough)

Picture to big to post - click here

Bwahahaha! Sorry... Just had to share that with someone...

posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 08:28 AM
Wau! Wotta find, Gemwolf.

This guy's better than Rense, Carnicom, and Divid Icke all rolled together!

posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 06:45 AM
I don't need that million dollar challenge, I have that, anywway.

Just a question: What's the minimal amount inside a box, the Trust Financee Company may deliver to a valid address? I gueess, they are proud to introduce it. What would they do, if the owner is not present at a destination address?

Now this is a real multimillion dollarss challenge!!!

And it is definitely not a hoax...

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