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Let's talk about those Jesus Freaks!!...

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 12:24 AM
Below are some of my views on the crack-pots of faith and I would love to hear your stories and view on the Jesus Army lol....

Ok I am sure we have all seen the so called "Jesus Freaks" now before all of the Jesus Lovers freak out(no pun intended HA!) just understand I am not saying all people of a faith that belives in Jesus.

Ok to the point you know the ones that are very creepy just like the whole persona. Always talking about end of days blah blah seems like they are trying to scare ya. Or the ones that go after everything in the world in place of going after things they should be.

Perfect example I see online is the hardcore ones that set up these misc websites "End of Days" "Anti Freemason" etc etc.

And the biggest point is the ones you get this vibe like something is wrong with this Jedi! Here allow me to tell a little story I was at Barnes n Noble and I was looking at philosophy books and I made a fast dash to religous books in hopes to find some esoteric,Jewish mysticism etc topics Well holy crap(no pun intended lol) this guy saw me go near the bibles and religous sections and he had this creepy ass way about him. First he used a breaker statement "Hey man nice coat" my first thought was uh ok but I am nice so I said thanks and tried to keep walking, well than he said "hey where did you get that" I say sorry don't remember I try to leave than he says"is it water proof" So I am like WTF does he want something more than my damn coat. He kept this crap up trying to ease into the subject and I was like gotta go! Anyway I got a very distinct impression from him as he was the type looking for despreate souls looking for faith and he wanted to be some sort of creepy cult leader that would use religon to take you over! Anyway I am sure we have all seen them.

Anyways its crap like this that pushes people away from religion! Very much true here in America. Ever hear these guys on late at night on TV? Spare me the BS. People say George Bush uses fear for alt. reasons, well look at these damn guys oh yeah they love God as much as much as they love to control the masses! Am I right or what!


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