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PTS council

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posted on Oct, 9 2005 @ 04:41 PM
The only thing I would be good at is bringing attention to pts.
I would help shape it in a way where you could be free to dissent, mud sling in a way that wouldn't offend the other person on a personal level, and create new thread areas that aren't there yet *hopefully*

I have some good ideas about how pts can become a better place where we all look forward to going.

I am a good writer, so putting forth prospective plans wouldn't be a hard thing for me to do.

Other then that, I would say it's a free for all... Of course within the ats rules and guidelines.

I'm not in it for the ego stroke. Many politician's who enter the political arena are in it for prestige, power, and the ego trip. I could give to shats about that.

I just want pts to be a fun place where we can all go and look forward to going on a regular basis, more so then ats.

Politics affects all of our lives on a daily basis, we should be able to talk about it openly and freely, with passion and persuasion.

If you don't vote for me thats fine, i'm not in it for a popularity contenst, i'm just here to try and bring better quality to the forums, thats it.

eat it or beat it.

posted on Oct, 9 2005 @ 05:07 PM
Best of luck TrueLies.

posted on Oct, 10 2005 @ 01:49 PM

Originally posted by TrueLies
The only thing I would be good at is bringing attention to pts.

So why should we vote for you? Attention is nice, and you say you've got ideas, but what are they? What does PTS lack, and how do you propose going about to remedy those problems? How do you think the mud slinging aspect could be put to the best use?

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 04:27 AM

Originally posted by Amorymeltzer
Attention is nice, and you say you've got ideas, but what are they?

"Ideas" include:

Refurbishing the pts main page (I see that as pts taking a shower, which would bring a sense of rejuvination)

Incorporating other minor parties onto the main page as this would help steer the liberal vs conservative mindset and I believe it would provoke curiosity, interest, and perhaps enlightenment to up and coming voter's who are thinking about what kind of party they belong to, if not having parties on the main page, we could keep the certain ideologies on there but then have to add left and right side too to be fair game. At the current time, we have socialist ideology, other ideologies, liberal and conservative. I believe this is a disorganized way to look at politics.

I believe there should be one thread topic dedicated to pure stereotyping, partisanship, and other unfortunate quirks that take place in the political arena (as it's political nature and runs rampant in the media, you just can't avoid it) too much of the time, as I believe this will allow people to become enlightened about political ignorance and encourage a richer political foundation building to take their ideas and thoughts further, which would be carried out in the other forums where the content would be much richer, informative, and thought provoking.

I believe there should be a bill thread, that would keep all of us updated on laws they recently passed and how they affect each and everyone one of us, that would encourage multiple perspectives and insight for all of us to take in.
Even if it's just a sticky in the uk, us, and european threads, I believe it would be much helpful no matter where you are in the world.

The bottom threads like environmental issues, social issues, religion in politics et al, don't get much attention, and I believe much of it has to do with people wanting to talk more about politican's and bicker back and forth in partisan language, which is another reason why I encourage that one thread dedicated to just that. Those bottom threads I think need to be re-introduced in a different fashion, muchof those topics are informative and good to know, but the interest just isn't there. I'll need to use my marketing skills and come w/ some ideas via brainstorming. Your input is also much appreciated.

There have been a few other ideas that have crossed my mind but at the present time aren't coming to the forefront.

What does PTS lack, and how do you propose going about to remedy those problems?

Pts lacks color in the hypothetical sense. The politics that is prevelent seems to be very much black and white. And I believe that turns people off to pts.

Pts needs to be multi polar, and we need to encourage multi polar frames of mind. It's hard to do that when people are attacked or put down in a way that stops people from speaking their mind.

Political conspiracies in ats, I believe there should be one of those in pts as well, if not moved totally.

Another thread that would be an attention grabber for pts is a corruption thread. We see wrong doings and inconsistencies in politician's stories all the time, this would encourage truth seeking rather than partisan commentaries and stereotyping.

A fun place to go and sip your coffee or tea would be a comic thread, there is much humor in politics that goes unnoticed, some of it satire, some of it insulting, whatever the case maybe, it should encourage laughing which eliminates constipation and helps you live longer. Notice how presidents turn grey very fast? They are stressed! We all get stressed when we participate in political debates or hearing something we don't like, so why not relieve some of that with a political comedy thread. I notice bt likes to post comic strips which i'm sure many find enjourable as I Know I do, and I encourage it.

During the debates last year we had some interviews done on the ats forum in the political party threads, politician's came here and did interview's and I think it would be nice to have a thread for that, ats has guest speakers, we'll need a pts guest speaker's thread.

A popular thread topic could also be about politics and war, and how many soldier's in the current situation are fighting a "political" aka ideological war. We could be in ww3 right now and we don't have a thread in pts about the politics of this war. Such a hot topic, I would be in there everyday listening to what people think about it, hearing stories from soldier's themselves, reading about the reasons for the war and being able to compare and constrast to see if these reasons are still revelant today. Have all the info about the war on terrorism and the war in iraq and be able to read all the info on all sides of the argument. I know we have a couple members on this board who are in iraq.
It would be nice for them to share their perspectives too.

I'm sure this is enough for now.

How do you think the mud slinging aspect could be put to the best use?

Mud slinging shows character, it shows our human side and our true passions, it brings color to the board as well. People like a good debate, people enjoy heated debate (within reason) without name calling of course.

Politics in london and canada are very heated, you have politician's calling other politician's inept and liars ect, we need a place where we can go and vent about our elected politican's, tell others why you think so and so is a liar and inept as well. You can debate those facts, but I would discourage member from attacking that persons person because they hold those beliefs.
Attack the politician not the member here on pts.

It's also a thread where people roll up their sleeves and take their glasses off, you don't have to be an intellectual in that thread, let it all hang out and let us know how you really feel and think at the core. That's what I mean by we need a good mixture on pts...

Currently I see pts alittle dry, we need an array of interesting new thread topics like proposed above and that would be the kind of place I think defines variety and adds that extra punch.

These are some ideas I've put forth, I think I pretty much encouraged intellectualism, comedy, polical venting, debate, political truth seeking, with focus on the political war currently being fought over seas, political corruption, ect.

Again, I would never interject bias to steer the board one way, as I said above I encourage variety, as being open minded brings multi polar perspectives which makes for interesting characters, good reads, and enlightening pov's.

These are some idea's put forth as answer to amort's questions, please feel free to interrogate me some more.

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