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British Troops VS Iraqi Police and Militia

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posted on Oct, 9 2005 @ 08:41 AM
Story : Iraq exit strategy still elusive

If you read through the article, the Iraq National Security Advisor himself has stated that the Iraqi Police has been infiltrated by the insurgent fighters and probably some terrorists as well.

What I want to discuss here is what will become of the relationship between the British Troops and the Iraqi Security Forces. How the hell are they going to co-operate when the Iraqi Security Forces is mixed with insurgents, terrorist and nationalist. I found this to be really really weird.

Furthermore, the recent case about the capture of the British Commandos doing a "special security task" against the Iraqi Police just makes it all more blurry.

So what do you think can be done to "cleanse" the Iraqi Security Forces?

Any suggestions?

What I think is since the Iraqi Security Forces is not really well structured and organized in the way that any other military/police Forces worldwide is, they should in a way press "reset". Assess the policeman or security personnel one by one before handing them over the badge(if they have one).


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