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POLITICS: Bird Flu in Japan Linked to Vaccine

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 04:04 PM
Vaccinations in Japan may have caused bird flu infections in the nation's poultry farms, says Japan's National Institute of Animal Health. Vaccines cannot completely eliminate infection; they just ease the symptoms - so vaccine use leads to disease outbreaks and new strains. The World Health Organization recommends against using bird flu vaccines, in animals.
Artificial infection, including the use of vaccines, could be behind a weak strain of avian influenza detected in poultry farms in Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture, according to a panel advising the agriculture ministry on bird flu. ...An analysis by the National Institute of Animal Health, an independent administrative corporation, found that the genetic makeup of the virus bore a strong similarity to a virus found in Central and South American countries, including Mexico and Guatemala. The virus did not exist in Japan, and it is highly unlikely it was carried to the country by migratory birds. ...There also are no indications live birds infected with the virus have been imported.

Hokkaido University professor Hiroshi Kida, head of the advisory panel to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, said a vaccine developed using the Central and South American virus was brought into the country and possibly used on some birds.

Vaccination can alleviate symptoms of bird flu in chickens, but cannot completely prevent infection. Such vaccination could lead to a bird flu outbreak if the virus is detected at a late stage. ...International organizations, such as the World Health Organization, have called on countries to refrain from using vaccines.


Vaccine may be linked to bird flu cases

The weak strain of avian influenza recently detected at more than a dozen farms in Ibaraki Prefecture may have been brought about by artificial contamination, including by the use of vaccines, a farm ministry panel said Friday.

According to panel head Hiroshi Kida, a professor at Hokkaido University, the genetic makeup of the virus found at the Ibaraki farms was strikingly similar to that of a bird flu virus found in Guatemala and Mexico, too far for a migrating bird to carry into Japan. It is also different from other Central American strains of the virus previously found in other parts of Asia.

This led the panel to suspect that a vaccine developed using the Central American virus was brought into Japan and used on some birds, infecting the animals around them, he said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

We are indoctrinated to think that vaccines prevent disease. Mainly though, what vaccines do is prevent acute forms of disease - but - at the same time, vaccines also push old diseases to adapt, mutate, and create new diseases. These 'new' diseases usually are "formes frustes" or milder, chronic forms, and often, more virulent.

The stated goal for vaccine design is clear, "The important thing will be to design vaccines that are sustainable and do not drive pathogens to ever-increasing virulence."

In fact though, it simply may not be possible to make vaccines that do not create new diseases. The key obstacle of course, is the proteins. Proteins don't die, and industrial processes create infectious proteins called prions: Vaccine production creates infectious prions, and also, triggers new mutations in prions that already are present in the cow, goat, and sheep products used in the manufacturing process. It may be a no-win situation.

Public vaccination programs are based on a commonly accepted risk assessment: It is better to avoid mass infection with acute disease today, and preferable to deal with slowly progressive chronic disease tomorrow.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is upon us. The World Bank and World Health Organizations now report chronic disease is a critical global epidemic. So it is time to re-evaluate that "risk assessment," and its assumptions. Vaccines create and spread new diseases and strains, while pollution speeds disease progression, and worsens its severity. The situation is escalating rapidly out of control - and we now are faced with the fallout resulting from 100 years of mass vaccinations.

As the WHO reported in 2002:

"Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Disease rates from these conditions are accelerating globally, advancing across every region and pervading all socioeconomic classes. The World Health Report 2002: Reducing risks, promoting healthy life, indicates that the mortality, morbidity and disability attributed to the major chronic diseases currently account for almost 60% of all deaths and 43% of the global burden of disease. By 2020 their contribution is expected to rise to 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global burden of disease. Moreover, 79% of the deaths attributed to these diseases occur in the developing countries."
WHO 2002: Integrated chronic disease prevention and control

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Vaccination programs are a cheap fix for public health problems. Alternatives exist, but they are very expensive, relatively speaking, and run the gamut from cell therapies to good nutrition, and personalized medicine. The other cheap fix is euthanasia.

What is to be done? Should government abdicate all responsibility? Should poor victims be sent to quarantine camps, to die out of sight and out of mind? Should we all just throw up our hands in despair, and quit now?

My recommendation: Acknowledge the problem; make the effort to understand it; then, think. I'm certain we'd get a better selection of workable solutions from a group of engaged 10-year-olds, than from a roomful of career politicians and CEO's.


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