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An intro of sorts to loss of freedoms.

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 08:33 AM
This post was made for the purpose of making a convenient introduction for someone who is just learning about these topics.

A lot, if not all, of this info has been posted in one way or another in the past on ATS. I don't make threads and tend to be more of an observer than to post. Here is an intro for the people who have not dug deep into the rabbit's hole on how we are losing civil liberties, to get a perspective of what may come sooner than expected.

The following links cover such topics as:

RFID (radio frequency identification) chips - already in schools
Mandatory Thumbscanning - used to be for criminals, not anymore
Chip Implants - Yes they have started the trend, in VIP sections of clubs.
Newly passed laws - shoot first law, and police given authority to arrest without warrant.

Lets proceed:

An intro on video:

(Alex jones gets arrested at Cali when refusing to thumbscan for renewal of license after providing eight pieces of identification)

RFID (radio frequency identification chips) in schools:

Mandatory Thumbscanning: (SAME AS VID IN INTRO)

From the California Department of Motor Vehicles site:


License Refusal

DMV takes the strongest action possible against anyone who alters or otherwise attempts to falsify a driver license. DMV may also refuse to issue you a license if you:

* Have a history of alcohol or drug abuse.
* Have used the license illegally or lied on your application or cheated on any license examination.
* Do not understand traffic laws or signs.
* Do not have the skill to drive or have a health problem that makes your driving unsafe.
* Have an outstanding court action.
* Impersonate an applicant or allow someone else to impersonate you to fraudulently qualify for a license.
* Submit a fraudulent birth date/legal presence document or social security document.
* Refuse to sign the certification on the application form (DL 44) or give a thumb print."

Chip Implants:

New Laws around the "free world"


"Under the new laws, police will be able to detain people suspected of being terrorists for up to 14 days without charge. With permission of the courts, police will be able to monitor the movement of suspects for up to a year, including tagging them with electronic devices."

ok, I realize this is a lot of reading and many will even flinch at these...but for those of you that do, feel free to PM anytime.

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 07:07 PM
Don't forget RIP to freedom of the press. They're now the corporate/government mouthpiece.

The Fourth Amendment says that you can't be arrested without a warrant. The Patriot Act says you can--and the FBI or whoever can snoop around your home without your knowing about it.

The Tenth Amendment is important--whatever power is not given to the government belongs to the states. But lately the feds have been doing power grabs in violation of the Tenth. The latest is not letting Oregon decide whether or not to allow assisted suicide. I'm against it myself--but I say let Oregon decide, not the feds.

I'm beginning to see just how important states' rights is.


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