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My sleep paralysis story

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 04:37 PM
Hey guys , I'd like to share with you my sleep paralysis experiece . It happend to me iN Sao Paulo / Brazil when I was around 15 years old and at that time I was kind hoked on the UFO stuff , I was always reading something , looking at pictures , videos etc ( I'm saying this because that might have something to do with my experiece ) . I beleive I had at least 4 times and I theres 2 that I rember very well . Well It all started one night when I suddenly woke up and start hearing these loud buzzing in my ear , than I lost total control over by body and I couldn't speak either . I was trying to call for my parents for help , but the words didn't want to come of , I just could shake my hands and I was knocking in the bed in hope somebody would hear me and come check on , but that never happend . I stood like that for a few minutes and I could remeber feeling pain in my inner ear ( it was really painfull ) I even remenber the tears of panic and opnening my mouth because of the terror. When It finally passed I ran ( like hell ) to the hallway I wash my face in the washroom and when I came back to the bedroon and I coulnd't sleep anymore so I wacthed tv until around 6:00am when it was daylight , then I went to sleep normaly .

Bu that continue happening for the next nights . I kept bagging my hand in the bed but that was no use . But thing started getting stranger when I started dreaming with aliens . I had 2 dreams that I remenber . One I was sleeping in my bed and that was creature in my room next to my bed and on the other the same creature was again next to my bed but this time I wasn't just in my bed I got up ran to the door , get in to hallway then a very bright light surronded me and I woke up . Now , tell me something , who dreams about being sleeping in your own room 2 days on a roll ? Even worst is runnig to the hallway , that just doesn't happen .

My mother later told me that I used to scream calling for her at night and once she even went to check on me to see if everything was ok , and she said it was . I remenber that once she asked my to stop being so loud at night ( the day dreant about runnig to the hallway maybe ? ) .

The last experience that I had I was waking up and I was just getting off a sleep paralysis , I know because i was hearing a fading buzzing in my ear just like in the previous times and after that I never had it anymore .

But I wonder if my dreams during the sleep paralysis have anything to do with the fact that I was always reading UFO material and that end up getting in my mind .

I don't know , I just consider all as an experience that I had for reading too much UFO material and I'm just glad I never had it anymore .Anyway , I though I should share that with you guys .

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 06:22 PM
Did you find your dreams with the aliens was more lucid than you normally get in a dream?
The reason I ask is that the state your in when in sleep paralysis is actually a state a.k.a "Mind Awake - Body Asleep" this is the state you need to be in to be able to successfully lucid dream, astral projection & OBE.
The buzzing in your ear is also a side effect of this process & is experienced by many who can reach this state of conciousness. Did you notice that your body was vibrating when you awoke?
It could have been a lucid dream which you used to manifest these aliens or it could be that you astrally projected & experienced these beings in the astral plane.
Next time it happens don't fear it, play about with it, you never know what you might experience.

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 10:23 AM
Who did this to you?!

Those aliens must be so horrifying to do the wrst to you. Do you hate them? I may know whyaretheydoing all this to you.

I believe you, becauseIam well informed!


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