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Over 400 birds kill by radio tower in one night.

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 11:14 AM

, Wis. - As many as 400 songbirds were killed in one night after they flew into wires holding up a television tower.

The deaths may spur the creation of a group to study the dangers communication towers pose to migrating birds, said specialists with the Department of Natural Resources.

"It's an issue that has been with us for decades," DNR avian ecologist Sumner Matteson said. "But we really haven't done anything about it."

The birds were killed the night of Sept. 13-14 at the WMTV tower.

"There were birds all over the place," said Steven Ugoretz, a DNR environmental specialist who works on tower-related issues.

Searchers found 172 birds around the base of the 1,100-foot tower. Crows, cats and other scavengers took another 200 or more, and Ugoretz estimates more birds likely died because no one searched a heavily wooded area just north of the tower.

A similar kill occurred the night of Sept. 7-8, Ugoretz said.

pretty freaky to see so many birds falling down from the sky in yer view wen u look up at the tower. its almost like the radio towers is giving out the touch of death to anione who is near it.


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