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Immigration and Customs Enforcement Hired Illegal Aliens

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 08:12 AM
This is shocking (or maybe not):

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents who were in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina told blogger Debbie Schlussel that the agency hired illegal aliens during the relief efforts.

According to the web site, ICE “serves the public by removing unauthorized aliens from the United States.” One of their core values, according to the site, is courage. “We will be accountable for our actions; we will do the right thing even when it is not the easy thing; and we will always fulfill our duties with courage.”

But they illegally hire illegal aliens. This is why I’m sick of politics.

By the way, there were thousands of people in the immediate vicinity displaced by the hurricane. We saw them with our own eyes. Weren’t some of them willing to work for ICE? Were they asked but refused to work?

Source: La Shawn Barber

Yeah, I know the source is a blog, but if this is indeed true (and I have no reason to believe it's not) it's a disgrace. How can they be enforcing the law throughout the country when they can't even do it among their own ranks?

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 08:26 AM
can someone tell me what the big deal is with people crossing here illegally to make a better life for themselves?

I understand it's a thread to national security which is why I believe that these people should be documented and allowed over here.
So that they are on file and the gov can keep tabs on them through their ssn numbers or however they keep tabs on you american citizens.

It's easier to find a law abiding citizen then it is to find an illegal immigrant.

Sending them back over to mexico just makes them smarter for the next go round.

Have you seen the documentary on this stuff?

These guys see it as a joke, the border is seen as a revolving door and the border patrol guys even say most of them make it into the country eventually.

So do we continue to do the same thing over and over hoping to get the same response? Or do we allow them in with work visas and a number so we know where they are at, and can't take advantage of this country the way most of them have.

Give them responsibility don't allow them to just walk freely over the border and create illegal id's.

That's whats been happening and it costs taxpayer's billions of dollars every year.

Just a thought. Let me know if I need to elaborate on my thinking i'm sure my narrow mindedness might have left some good info out.

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 08:44 AM
Blogs being what they's difficult to actually comment on something which might not be true or accurate. The initial blog links to another blog...which doesn't link to anything solid in terms of proof.

I've done the usual googling, to no avail.

Anyone else come up with anything?

(I'm sorry - I can't take a blog as evidence of much these days, knowing that I'm part of two blog communities myself; I just see so much utter tripe that it would seem foolish of me to take something like this at face value without seeing corroborating evidence, you know?)


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