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An Interview With Robert Frisk

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 07:53 AM
An interview with Robert Frisk from Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast 10/04/05:

Very Interesting Interview.

You also have a Transcript if you can't want the movie.

About Iraq:

Well, look, the equation in Iraq is this: The Americans must leave. The Americans will leave. But the Americans can't leave. That's the equation that turns sand into blood. How do you get a situation where you have an Iraqi state which runs itself, but which doesn't feel it is living under occupation, which it is. There are 135,000 American troops there. We both know that if the national export of Iraq was asparagus or carrots, they wouldn't be there. It's because it's an oil state. We wouldn't have again there if asparaguses were the national export. The reality is that we have vast numbers of Western troops in a Muslim country with total anarchy, except in the far north in the Kurdish areas, and we can't stop the anarchy or produce security. We are having Wal-Mart suicide bombers. I mean, it is worse than you are making it out to be. I remember when the Hezbollah were fighting Israelis in southern Lebanon, it was one a month, then with the Palestinians and the Israelis, it was one a week, and now it is seven a day. I mean, I don't know where they come from - Saudi Arabia, if you want to say literally - but how do you deal with this? The Americans can't control Iraq. The British can't control Iraq. Look at the pictures we saw the other day from Basra. Certainly the Australians are having to protect Japanese in Iraq. We have here a hell of a disaster and it needs to be brought under control. Instead of that, what are we doing? We say things are getting better. The path to freedom is opening. More democracy is coming. I remember Bush saying, "Very soon the Arab states will all want to imitate Iraq". No they won't.


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