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can anyone explain this

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 05:06 AM
ok, a while back, i posted the following on ATS (i will put this first and then explain what happened yesterday)

(what follows is my original post)

ok, so i decided to write about this thing that happened to me. The ONLY reason i put it in this forum, was because people here seem to have experienced a wide range of stuff, and i'm hoping that someone will read this and think..."ah, that happened to me" OR "oh, i know what this is"

Let me point out first off, i dont think its anything serious. i am just curious and after speaking about it to a couple of people i know, and searching for medical similarities on the internet, i found here goes.

A while back, was sometime last year, i was having a daytime nap (one of those 20 minute deals), and i cant say i was really asleep, just dozing really. But suddenly, i was brought out of my dozing by a whooshing sound which FELT like it hit my left ear. The closest sound i can think of to describe this, is the sound you get when you swing a tennis racket really fast.
Anyway, although that was odd, i never really thought about it alot.

Then just after Boxing Day last year, i was sleeping. And i was dreaming for some reason (dont ask) of Ashton Kutcher and some other people ice skating (?)....the point being, it was funny, and i remember laughing in my dream. Straight after which i felt this whoosh again, this time hitting on my right ear, and louder than before also.
Well, this time i opened my eyes and lifted my left leg and felt the pulse in my left thigh was going crazy. I have never even been aware of any pulse in my leg before but this night, it was going so fast and seemingly so loud, that it scared me more than the whooshing sound. After about 5 seconds, it slowed down.

So at that point, i started thinking about the other time it happened. But this time, i could feel something in my ears. Both ears, not just the one the sound hit. It was almost like a very, very low pitched drone, but for the entire day, after waking up again, it was there, and it also felt like my ears were blocked.

Although i thought about this time a bit more, it stopped going through my thoughts after a couple of months.
Until today. I was having my little 20 minute nap again during the day, when i heard this sound, but this time, it was IN my head. Like a thought, but not a thought, if you know what i mean.
Now i have tried recreating this sound inside my head, but its nothing like it actually was.

Well, thats all. I know, it probably sounds stupid, and i admit, i feel abit stupid writing it. But for the life of me, i have searched every variation of "whoosh sounds, ear sounds, whooshing ears" on the net, trying to find found nothing.

So is there anyone out there who can enlighten me? Its just a very weird feeling, and i think the one today just freaked me out more than when it hit my ears. It was in my HEAD! can actually remember it so well, it went from the left side of head to the right, and it even felt like it was heading towards the front of my head.

So....anyway, yesterday, i was having another of these 20 minute naps. And again, i remember what i was dreaming about (something to do with an office....certainly nothing to do with what happened next)
Suddenly, i heard voices. Distinctly a man and a womans voice, overlapping each other. It felt like they were in my ear, not my head.

This stopped after only about 4 seconds and i thought (for some reason)...its ok, you can carry on.
And then the voices started up again. Accompanying this, was what i can only describe as a buzzing all around my body. It would peak, then decrease, peak, decrease, really felt like i had some outline around me that was charging up.
Although it wasnt scary, i didnt like it and tried to open my eyes or move, but couldnt. So i seem to have settled back down again. But after about another 5 seconds i forced myself again to open my eyes and this time, i did.

It was the weirdest thing i have ever experienced. The voices were real, there is no other way to describe them. They were not in my head, i just heard them as if someone had switched on a radio or something.

My reason for posting is that i have seen alot of people on here, with lots of different experiences and after a quick search on the net (for buzzing, voices etc), i kept getting results for OOBE's.

I cant say i believe in these, never really thought about them much before, in fact, i find the idea quite freaky. But i was hoping that someone might be able to offer some more advice.

Now i have to say, i am something of a thread killer on here....unfortunately, i just dont seem to get answers to my posts :-(
So please, please, could someone help me out here, and then i shall go back to my status of thread killer supreme :-)

thanks to anyone in advance who can explain this stuff to me

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 05:38 AM
yeah i have had tons of similar things, they happen to me all the time.
i take them for granted
sometimes a huge bang or thump or something will hit me hard in the back and i will wake up, knowing full well the stuff never happened.
sometimes when awake i will be thinking and a voice will say something loud, sounding like its outside my head, just something quick like " no thats not a good idea" or something.

another good example is last weekend, i can remember having a covosation with my house mate, when she was 30 km away and i wasnt near a phone. it might not count though i was drunk and had weed and eckys as well.

i also have of sleep paralysis sometimes, feels like something is squashing me. all in all i think its nothing to worry about, maybe next time just run with it as long as ya can and see if something happens.

one more thing, are you able to lucid dream?

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 05:47 AM

Your experience seems pretty unique and would have a lot of people wondering what was going on.
Although I have no answers to what may be causing these episodes, I do have some suggestions as to what may help.

Next time you take a '20 min nap', set up camcorder to video yourself while you sleep. You may also try audible recording in hopes of picking up EVPs or maybe even the actual voices you were hearing.
If you don't have access to recording devices, you may want to have someone monitor you while you nap. Not knowing your current living arrangement, family or friends should not mind spending 20 minutes to help you figure this out.
Of course, if you take these naps everyday, it may become bothersome after a while for the family member/friend to maintain the vigil every day.

It sounds like you can remember your dreams quite accurately after waking as well as retain the information for a later date. You may want to, as a safeguard, write down 'exactly' what you remember when you wake. Sometimes key details in a dream can be forgotten within in seconds of waking up and you may find a constant in all the dreams that may be relevant to your experience.

Upon re-evaluating your current situation.... who gets to take a 20 min nap during the day? The whoosh sounds may be a small price to pay for that kind of luxury.

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 05:50 AM
hi, thanks for replying

just had to look up lucid dreaming and what it meant, cos although i've heard of it on here loads of times, never really knew what it was.
And i'd have to I dont think i have.

Thats the thing, when these stuff have happened, i've never made any conscious attempt to do it. And i agree, i should just run with it....i wish i hadnt moved yesterday....cos looking back, it was an incredible feeling. I just wished i had stayed put. I actually remember now just afer i settled back....i had a thought that i needed to pick the kids up soon and thats when i jolted myself out of it. As if i thought whatever was going to happen, would take some considerable time.

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 05:56 AM
Dear Grailkeeper

lol..thanks for that

the camcorder idea is out cos i dont have one, and to be quite frank, the thought of actually capturing anything (sounds or visual), scares the crap out of

we do have an eyetoy though...i think you can run something on that, video wise. Hmm...maybe.

The dreams ARE very much rememerable, yesterdays was very clear, more so than when i usually remember dreams.

who gets to take a 20 min nap during the day? The whoosh sounds may be a small price to pay for that kind of luxury.

LOL....i know. I have children, work from home, and stay up very, very late and get up very early, so often, just before picking them up, i'll lie down for 20 minutes. You're right, it is a luxury..:-)

on a side note...i am SO glad that i got replies to this :-)

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 06:00 AM
I know exactly what you mean ! i have loads of experiences where i feel i become susceptable to 'outside influences' when im sleeping, for example:

I often wake up to find a person or persons standing at the bottom of the bed looking at me, the last one was a native american woman, sitting on my bed pointing at the wall behind me. I also regularly see a small blond girl running up and down the hallway outside my bedroom.

I generally dont feel scared, however i am always cold and extremely alert when it happens. I have to say ive never heard voices.

Coincidently it always happens within 20-30 minutes of me falling asleep, and i have lucid dreams every night in colour (which frightened a pshycic i went to see) !

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