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Smallville: Aquaman!

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 02:31 AM
link has some photos of Aquaman who will be appearing on Smallville this season.

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 08:56 AM

Aquaman finds Lex's secret evil plans for the Smallville Undersea Roller Disco.

Is it just me or does that seem really lame?
pity australia stopped showing smallville

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 12:17 PM
I didn't even notice that caption. That's hilarious.

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 12:43 PM
Aquaman...poor lame Superhero....hehe...

Ever see the "Jesus Super Best Friends" episode of South Park (where David Blaine starts a cult), or Robot Chicken with the "Superfriends Real World"?

(Aquaman is feeding the fish, but gets upset about something, Superman leans into frame and says, "troubles at home?"

In South Park, he was called "Sea-man" (though it was pronounced wrongly by the others, hehe...)

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 02:57 AM
I found a TV add for the Aquaman episode.

Aquaman does suck in comics and cartoons, but this is Smallville.
I've never seen an episode of Smallville I didn't like. I'm not even a Superman fan.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 04:40 PM
They want to give Aquaman his own show.

'Smallville' heads get OK for Aquaman pilot at WB

WB Network has given a put pilot commitment to a live-action rendering of the DC Comics character Aquaman from "Smallville" executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and Warner Bros. Television. The project is envisioned as a contemporary reinterpretation of the character who lives in the deep sea and enlists sharks and other oceanic creatures to help him in his crime-fighting endeavors. Millar and Gough have deftly handled the same chores for WB and WBTV during the past five seasons of "Smallville," which tells the story of Clark Kent's teenage years and his coming-of-age as Superman. The new-model Aquaman will be a man in his early twenties. As is the case on "Smallville," there won't be any presto-chango into costumes or other superhero accessories when his superpowers are invoked, a WB Network spokesman said.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 04:55 PM
This would be cool, but I don't think the guy that played Aquaman could carry the show that well. Maybe, but I don't think so.

The Smallville template would be quite cool for a few different DC heroes actually.

In that Aquaman episode, I cracked up when at the end Aquaman said he and Clark were like a Junior Lifesaver Association and then Clark says "Yeah, we're a regular JLA."

Those that don't know...this was a reference to the Justice League of America (JLA) that both Superman and Aquaman join in the future (their futures anyway).

[edit on 14-11-2005 by ZeddicusZulZorander]

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 05:02 PM
Yeah that JLA reference was great.

Personally I didn't like Aquaman's acting. He looked good for the part, but I wasn't believing his performance. Maybe WB can spend some money on him and get some acting classes done.

I really enjoyed the fight they had under water. I can't imagine a weekly Aquaman show though. Maybe they should aim at a TV special or two first.

posted on Nov, 14 2005 @ 08:01 PM
Oh, check this out. They are looking for a different actor.

New Aquaman Won't Be Alan Ritchson
A new face will be playing the role of Arthur Curry in the Aquaman TV pilot, which is tentatively said to be shooting in Florida in early 2006.

Warner Bros. is searching in many places - from New York to Los Angeles, Miami, Canada, even Australia - in the search for a new Aquaman. The "new guy" will likely be in his early twenties.

From the article it looks like the new show will not be a spin off but a different project altogether.

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