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Pick your team to run the world

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posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 02:49 PM
BBC - "Game of Global Election

An article by BBC says pick out 11 of the pre-selected 100 most powerful people in the world. The terms are that you must include one leader, one thinker, and one economist. The other eight were up to you.

Go ahead and pick your selection and post them when your done. It should be pretty interesting to see what everybody picks. Have fun!

posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 03:20 PM
Noam Chomsky and Nelson Mandela, for sure. I might consider bringing Murdoch, too, as the economist, just to personally see to it that he is beaten to death in a very painful fashion. I don't care for any economists, and most of the other people I couldn't care much less about, either. Bono and some similarly compassionate people may be fine.

posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 03:20 PM
My selections were:
Gunter Grass
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Gore Vidal
Bill Clinton
William Henry Gates
Alan Greenspan
Donald Rumsfeld
Condoleeza Rice
Kofi Annan
Daniel Libeskind
Steven Spielberg

I have to say that some of the people i choose were only because i used the process of elimination and don't entirely agree with some that were on there and would have liked to see others instead but its just for fun anyway.

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 01:59 PM
I would choose:

Jimmy Carter - Today...he is a very smart man. (I wouldn't pick the Jimmy Carter who was President)
Senator Biden
Senator Ted Kennedy
Bill Clinton

my short list.......

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 02:33 PM
Not that I necesarily (sp?) like every one of my choices [Points to Schwarzenegger], these are who I chose.

Dalai Lama
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bernard Arnault
J.K Rowling
Jennifer Lopez
Anna Politkovskaya
Balthasar Garzon
David Beckham
Shahrukh Khan

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 02:50 PM
1. Dalai Lama - thinker (Jack Handy was not on the list)
2. Hugo Chavez - leader
3. Richard Branson- economist
4. Tiger Woods
5. Michael Jordan
6. Paul Newman
7. Larry David
8. Joe Biden
9. Bill White
10. Yulia Tymoshenko (YEAH BABY!!!!)
11. John McCain


[edit on 14-10-2005 by Dr Love]

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 03:37 PM
Leader-GWB, Hitler wasn't on the list so went with GWB
Leader- Nelson-Not evil, but a leader
Leader-Bill CLinton-Someone to appease the UN
Thniker-Karl Rove, Satan wasn't on the list so went with the next evil one
Economist- William Gates, aka Richest man in the world
Extra- Donald Rummy, evil, willing to invade people for money
Extra-Tiger Woods, appeals to the black community
Extra-Orack Obama, same thing
Extra-Steven Speilberg, to direct the political commercials
Extra-Hilary Clinton, appeal to women, or butches, or men, whatever Billary is
Extra-Pele, appeals to the Hispanic community and since this is world election wanted someone from a World Sport

I think that is a good line up, got people who appeal to everyone or to certain races, I have the evil ones that will do anything to win, I have the CLintons who in a tag team match are unstoppable, and Bill Gates to get rid of the economical problems.

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