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Canada's Porn Labor Market Needs

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posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 07:58 AM
This article claims Canada has ignored warnings and in doing
so this has lead to the deaths of two Americans. I see it as
Canada being to blame for not investigating, the Americans
are to blame for putting themselves in the bad spot they
were in.

The questions to consider ... is Canada ignoring the problem
because the people who die are Americans .. because the
people who die are not rich and industrious (in the usual
sense of the word)? Is America ignoring the problem because
it doesn't matter since they are 'just' porn stars and Canada
can have them?? Or is it this .. just let them be and since
porn and human trafficing is going to happen anyways, it's
their own fault for being there so why waste $$$ on trying
to stop what can't be stopped and we (Canada and America)
have better things to spend our tax money on?

Excerpt October 4, 2005
Lifesite News

Canadian Government Ignored Warnings Leading to Deaths of Two Young Americans

LAVAL Quebec, October 4, 2005 ( - The mysterious
deaths of two young Americans found at the bottom of a gorge in Laval
Quebec was eminently preventable if Canadian government officials would
have heeded the warnings of anti-trafficking organizations which
contested the "exotic dancer" visas which allowed he men into the
country. Mark Kraynak, 23, and Steve Wright, 20, entered Canada
through an application by a male porn 'modelling' agency in the United
States called French Connection Français (FCF) run by Stephan Sirard.

The exotic dancer program, which opened wide the doors to the importing
of foreign strippers in order to fill so-called 'labour market needs' in
Canada, has repeatedly come under fire by human rights groups, citing
repeated instances of forced prostitution and other forms of exploitation
and slavery. In response to numerous complaints from anti-trafficking
groups, the Canadian government gave assurances to human rights
advocates that "no new applications would be processed for any type of
exotic performance until such time as the matter could be reviewed to
eliminate the risk of extortion & injury".

When news broke that Kraynak and Wright were applying to enter Canada
under the scheme, along with four other 'models', Gregory Carlin of the
Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition (IATC) warned Canadian authorities not to
permit the temporary visas.

More info at the site -

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posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 03:55 PM
This is both hilarious and tragic. Tragic, of course, because of the deaths involved. Hilarious, because of Canada's perceived inability to meet market demands for exotic dancers. A Canadian porn "actress," Laura Roxx, was made famous last year when she was infected with HIV after having appeared in only a few videos.

You should put this up to ATSNN. It's a worthy story considering all the implications.

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