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A number of papers of Freemasonry

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 02:24 PM
I've come across a number of papers concerning freemasonry that look rather interesting. Here are the links, however, this website apparently deletes files after they are inactive for 14 days, so there is no telling when they will be gone. I haven't reviewed the papers yet, but I am providing them because others might find them interesting.
Also, a cautionary note, I've tried to access files from this site before, and apparently they clear out old files on each half hour, and it can take a while, during which time the service is unavailable. So if that happens, you get a message indicating as such, and they are back before long.

All files are in pdf format

Afghani and Freemasonry in Egypt (afghani being a person, not the afghani people)

Hands across the Sea The Masonic Network, British Imperialism, and the North Atlantic World

In Search of Helvetius' Early Career as a Freemason

Republicanism and Utopian Vision French Freemasonry in the 1860s and 1870s

The Alleged Early English Version of Euclid (not strictly masonic tho)

The Revolutionary Transformation of American Freemasonry 1752 1792

The Politics of Ritual Secrecy

There is also "A cabiric rite" here, but this has nothing to do with masonry.


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