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Deliverance Ministries

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 11:47 PM
I have been considering writing a charter for a Deliverance Ministry at my church, to see it they would like to start one. I have looked at many difference delieverance ministries from Bob Larson to The Warrens at NESPR. So far.. The Catholics have a better handle on it and make more sense then the Protestant Churchs.

The reason for this is because Protestant Deliverances Ministries believe everyone has numberous demons inside them, which are the reasons for their vices and sins. What ever happened to Personal Responsibility? What about Mental illness? Addiction disorders? They seem not to take that into account.
Also, the ministers doing the deliverance only asks what "mortal sin" they belong, such as; murder, gluttony, addiction, etc...

The Catholics on the other hand seem to have a better grasp on the subject. They require that all physical, emotional and mental disorders be ruled out before an exorcism can take place. They want to the know the particular name of the demon(s)

Where they are BOTH right... Jesus himself gave us charge over demons and devils so that we can cast them out in his name.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 10:49 AM

Originally posted by Godzilla1985
The Warrens at NESPR.

Are you talking about Ed and Lorainne Warren from Connecticut?
I went to one of their seminars about 15 years ago. It was VERY
interesting. They have a small museum with haunted things in it
from their ghost busting days. They also conduct ghost walks -
not the commercial kind like you get popping up in every city -
but real ghost walks where they help you to communicate with
'the other side'.

As far as deliverance goes ... I'll relate some things to you that
took place when I lived in Japan. I was a Chaplain Assistant for
the Army and we had a bunch of spook related things happen.

We had one American child who was probably possessed. The
child went to one of the Shinto shrines, drank the water from the
well, clapped his hands (that gets the attention of the Gods) and
made the wish to speak Japanese. Well ... he did start speaking
Japanese. Only problem was that now that's all he spoke and
he couldn't speak English anymore. I was just an assistant so
I wasn't present for any of the deliverance that was performed
on him. I know one of the Protestant chaplains was involved in
the deliverance. After a while a Catholic priest had to be called in.
The child ended up being delivered of what ever it had invited in.

One polterguist was quieted just fine by a Protestant minister.
He got the call and went to the house to find furniture being
thrown around the house by unseen hands. It took him and the
family all night in prayer, but they delivered the home from the
polterguist. I don't know any of the particulars as to if the
family invited the spook in, or if it just showed up. MANY of the
homes that the military live in in Japan are spooked. Mine was.

As far as you writing a charter for deliverance ministry, I'll pass along
some of the things I have learned over my many years. Feel free to
accept or reject as you deem necessary ...

Be VERY careful who prays over people. When a person is prayed
over, they accept the spirit that the person has. I don't mean that they
get posessed by the person praying, I mean that if that person has
an oppression or an addiction or a disorder, then the person accepting
a hands on prayer deliverance is accepting a weakness from that
person trying to deliver. Everyone can pray for people. It's when
'hands are layed on' that it gets tricky. That's why the Catholic church
doesn't accept very many priests as excorsist priests and those that
are accepted have to keep it secret. They have to be careful of the sin
of pride. If you have a deliverance ministry, the people on that ministry
have to be VERY careful about becoming spiritually proud. This will
greatly interfere with deliverance. The devil will try to weaken deliverance
with pride of the deliverer every time he can.


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