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Are relationship with aliens. My theory.

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posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 12:34 AM
The way i see it was aliens have always lived up there (not always but since we)humans have been here.

We are the primates of the aliens. We are basically crop. so possibly when we get smart enough they hope to take our ideas. cause growing up in different worlds might make us and them in the future think different from eachother.

I am thinking that mars and moon and alot of other planets are all actually 3d virtual ground so we cant go through. You would probly need a divice that would drive into the moon at a supper fast speed to get through the force field without blowing the ship up. Like are black tinted windows, they can see us and we cant see them. They are so complex they can make see through sand,rock ect. to them. (

They only come out when the sun is shinning on the other side..probly bells to bring everyone in at night.

each world has this. there are many poor worlds like ares that dont know anything.we are like a 5 and a 12yrd old playing. The 12 yr old will know alot more things then the 5 yrd old. we are 5 the aliens are 12.i bet theres poor worlds. we are learning world. pro clean world. factory, sport lol.ect a world for every personality and hobby. many might have cities and some other things to, but everyone will have somthing in common. Now adays there are so many things you can choose, its hard to find people you are in common with. same with world personalities.We used to almost all have the same religion.
twian=factory, in larger furture, also resistance
U.S=Bully,only because they have never been a reason for the battle.
Canada=by standard, shy friend of US, the power.(peace)
Britain-retired from war.(like from medieval and back.)
France-" "
Carabian-Jamaca-(drugs)good time
Africa-no shirts poor

Same goes for all you provinces, counties, cities, school, neighbourhood, house hold family, friends

What is our relation ship with aliens?in your point of view?.

Im sorry if i went harsh on anyone or culture but its jst the way it is.I tell it the way i see it.

posted on Oct, 1 2005 @ 12:42 AM
Honestly I think you really need to read some books about astronomy and then maybe rethink your entire believe on this subject. Well. not only astronomy but also social science and a few history books. Not only that but your entire view of the world is jaded. Do you think that you share nothing in common with someone from a 3rd world nation?? I would be willing to be if you opened your eyes and looked around you would find that even though we are a world away from the rest of the world we all bleed the same color. Its not this nation or that nation its about the people who make these nations up. Don't forget we all came here from some other land. How exactly are we primates compared to aliens? Take a look at the primates here on earth. Do you see them driving cars are working metal? How about simple tool use? Nope you dont see it because as far as we know they dont do. For whatever reason. So your statement of aligning us with primates in the eyes of an alien is a joke plain and simple.

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