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Conspiracy E-Books and others - List

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posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 07:49 AM
As occasionally happens sometimes I blindly stumbled onto another find today. Below are a collection of those I thought would be of most interest here but there are a few more over at NWO Watcher. These can be found elsewhere on the 'net too but they are bundled into a nice little bookshelf over there.

I have included a brief review for some... but then I remembered I have the attention span of a small child.

911 - Descent Into Tyranny ~ Alex Jones

    911: Descent into Tryanny

    The book reveals how the controlled press is spinning and whitewashing the 911 story.

    Jones covers the cashless society control grid, implantable microchip propaganda, the fact that Posse Comitatus had already been disolved decades ago, the US government concentration camp plan, the FBI and FEMA training police that the Founding Fathers and Christians are "terrorists," the global elite's goal to dumb down and kill off 80% of the world population, eugenics and much, much more...

A Number, Not a Name: Big Brother by Stealth ~ Claire Wolfe


    With alarming speed, U.S. legislation is being introduced or changed by the Clinton administration to permit the development of an electronic citizen monitoring system. Interconnected systems based on Social Security numbers will ensure that highly-detailed information about every person, from birth, will be available to most government bureaucrats and to "researchers" that they allow to access the information.

America's Secret Establishment ~ Antony C. Sutton


    For 170 years they have met in secret. From out of their initiates come presidents, senators, judges, cabinet secretaries, and plenty of spooks. They are the titans of finance and industry and have now installed a third member as United States President George W. Bush. This intriguing behind-the-scenes look documents Yale's secretive society, the Order of the Skull and Bones, and its prominent members, numbering among them Tafts, Rockefellers, Pillsburys, and Bushes. Far from being a campus fraternity, the society is more concerned with the success of its members in the post-collegiate world. Included are a verified membership list, rare reprints of original Order materials revealing the interlocking power centers dominated by Bonesmen, and a peek inside the Tomb, their 140-year-old private clubhouse.

CIA - The Secret Team (How they control the world)

Five Noam Chomsky works

    Noam Chomsky. Wikipedia.

    Avram Noam Chomsky (born December 7, 1928) is Institute Professor Emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chomsky is credited with the creation of the theory of generative grammar, often considered the most significant contribution to the field of theoretical linguistics of the 20th century. He also helped spark the cognitive revolution in psychology through his review of B. F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior, which challenged the behaviorist approach to the study of mind and language dominant in the 1950s. His naturalistic approach to the study of language has also impacted the philosophy of language and mind (see Harman, Fodor). He is also credited with the establishment of the so-called Chomsky hierarchy, a classification of formal languages in terms of their generative power. Chomsky is also widely known for his political activism, and for his criticism of the foreign policy of the United States and other governments. Chomsky describes himself as a libertarian socialist, a sympathizer of anarcho-syndicalism.

    According to the Arts and Humanities Citation Index, between 1980 and 1992 Chomsky was cited as a source more often than any living scholar, and the eighth most cited source overall.

Chronological History of The New World Order ~ By Dennis Cuddy

DOD Military Pentagon Secrets

Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets ~ Nye

Forbidden Knowledge And Ancient Secrets

Bloodlines of the Illuminati ~ Fritz Springmeier


    After I read Fritz's first "Boodlines", I contacted him personally and he told me about the revised edition that was soon to be published.

    I aquired several of them and I wish to say this to all sceptics - Today Fritz is in jail framed for a crime he did not commit because he exposed the Illuminati. I have researched more than 400 sources of all types for several years and Fritz's book is spot on.

    It is simply excruciating to see which well-known names appear in this book.

    Several of those sources, by the way, are now dead - because of "suicide, accidents and plain murder", assassination to cover up dark deeds and darker people.

    Does it blow your mind? Good. You need it! Cause Fritz is now paying a very heavy price to shine a searchlight on your ignorance.

Global Illumination

Global Tyranny...Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order ~ William F. Jasper


    This book will surprise you with its revelations, such as - what do the current and all previous UN Secretary-Generals have in common? All are/were socialists or Marxists (without exception). Here's the straight scoop folks: the UN Charter and the US Constitution are incompatible with each other. Something is going to give. The main difference, as the book points out, is the source of 'rights'. Our Constitution recognizes and protects 'God given' rights. With the UN, rights are not absolute, and subject to any number of provisos. Get this book, read it (it's not too long), and encourage your friends/family to read it too. We needed to get out of the UN 'yesterday'.

Illumaniti 666 ~ William J. Sutton


    An eyeopening book. It really helps the reader understand the times we are living in. The smokescreens of politics and revised history are unmasked. The Biblical prooftexts are relevant to the topics discussed, and the historical evidences are helpful. See what is really going on behind today's headlines. This book will help you see God's leading in todays desperate times. Mankind has their "plan" but God has His. I highly recommend this book, it was a real blessing.

Knights Templars - Harun Yahya


    The Templars
    were a shadowy medieval cult proscribed by a joint decision of the King of France and the Pope. It was originally founded to fight for Christianity, but over time as the Templars acquired immense power, adopted heretical teachings, and established a capitalist system based on material gain, their order fell afoul of the Church. After being dispersed, the cult survived underground. The Templars developed a pierce opposition to the church and the divine religions in general, and eventually turned into the organization we know as the Freemasons. The Masons' antireligious philosophy and involvement in revolutions and political movements is a consequence of their Templars ancestry. This book examines the secret history of this Templar/Masonic organization and some of its influences on recent world and Turkish history.

Masonic astronauts initiated the whole world!

Morals And Dogma ~ Albert Pike


    While a prolific writer, Albert Pike is best known for his major work Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry. Published in 1871 (no ISBN), this massive volume consists of 861 pages and 32 Chapters, covering each of the 32 Degrees of Freemasonry. While many consider it to be a Mason's guide for daily living, the truth is that not many Masons have even read the book, on account of it being somewhat difficult to understand.

    More than 75% of the book consists of historical records of ancient civilisations (inc. Egypt, Greece, China, India, Persia) and their superstitions and religious observances. At first reading Pike creates the impression of being well-read and extremely knowledgeable on his topic, until you take the time to read the preface. It accuses Pike of plagiarism throughout, stating that “he has extracted quite half its contents from the works of the best writers and most philosophic or eloquent thinkers”. Is Pike really the genius we've been led to believe?

Operation Vampire Killer 2000 - Police Against New World Order

Order Out of Chaos: Elite Sponsored Terrorism and the New World Order~ Paul Joseph Watson


    Order Out Of Chaos blows wide open the official story behind a multitude of both historical and modern day events. Paul Joseph Watson uses mainstream media reports to exhaustively document how governments are exploiting and even carrying out terrorist attacks to further their unified political agenda. Every referenced article is available online so you can cross-check the facts for yourself!

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy ~ Greg Palast


    Greg Palast won't shut up. He won't shut up about how Jeb Bush and his lieutenant stole the election from Gore through a vicious manipulation of the voter rolls. He won't shut up about how cheaply Tony Blair's government can be bought. He won't shut up about how mainstream journalism is in thrall to the prevailing free market corporate ethos. He won't shut up about the Big Lie perpertreated by Milton Friedman and his gang that markets promote democracy, that markets are engines of viture. He shows with unshakable research that instead that instead of breeding virture and freedom, markets breed corruption, inequality, and through a politically moribund media, moral complacency.

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy ~ Antony Sutton

    Foreword by Gary North, Ph.D

    Dedicated to the memory of those who died in Korea and Vietnam – victims of our own technology and greed.

    This business of lending blood money is one of the most thoroughly sordid, cold blooded, and criminal that was ever carried on, to any considerable extent, amongst human beings. It is like lending money to slave traders, or to common robbers and pirates, to be repaid out of their plunder. And the man who loans money to governments, so called, for the purpose of enabling the latter to rob, enslave and murder their people, are among the greatest villains that the world has ever seen.

The Brotherhood and the Manipulation of Society - CFR - Bilderberg Group - Trilateral Commision

The Hidden Gears of Freemasonry

Illuminati Papers ~ Robert Anton Wilson


    R.A.W. is my new favorite Writer. This man is a Genius. He is so far ahead of his time, that he will be Immortalized with Einstein, Crowley, etc. Robert Anton Wilson is one of the very few writers I have experienced, who sees through the smokescreens and delves into the mysteries, with a SMILE on his face.

The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed ~ Russell S. Bowen.


    There is a TON of information packed into these 200 pages. Event after event, lie after lie, flip flop after flip flop, covert actions after covert action, and lie after lie, this book weighs in on Bush's historical record...

    What was his role in the delaying of the Iran Hostages release? A national black mark that folks have not heard enough of. He gave Hussein the go-ahead to invade Kuwait and then attacked him. How he had to be ordered by the Supreme Court to stop lobbying the IRS on behalf of drug companies when he was VP.

    The list goes on and on and on and one. Read this book and have your eyes opened. It will entice you to read more on the sad subject of the life or priveledge and abuse of power. And everyone thought Clinton was the worst, when the facts come out on Bush it would be hard to decide who was the worst.

The Insiders ~ John F. McManus


    This book presents a view of history based on the theory that there exists an undercurrent to establish a one-world government; and that this undercurrent has been manifest in world events and American presidencies over the last forty years. The evidence used to support this theory certainly provides a coherent view of recent history. In fact, many seemingly unrelated historical events suddenly make sense when one applies the book's thesis. I'm not a conspiracist but I think every American ought to at least consider the possibility that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the events that take place around us. This book would be a good place for one to start considering the possibility.

The Rockefeller File ~ Gary Allen


    The picture that is revealed when The Rockefeller File is finally opened may shock you. In this book, you will learn why the Rockefellers follow the policies they do, what their goals are, where they intend to take America ... and why it is essential they be stopped. I urge you to read The Rockefeller File and to encourage your friends to do the same.

The taking of America 1,2,3 ~ Richard E. Sprague


    ...This book is not about assassinations, at least not solely about assassinations. It is not just another book about who murdered President Kennedy or how or why. It is a book about power, about who really controls the United States policies, especially foreign policies. It is a book about the process of control through the manipulation of the American presidency and the presidential election process. The objective of the book is to expose the clandestine, secret, tricky methods and weapons used for this manipulation, and to reveal the degree to which these have been hidden from the American public.

    Assassinations are only one of many techniques used in this control process. They have been important only in the sense that they are the ultimate method used in the control of the election process. Viewed in this way, an understanding of what happened to John or Robert Kennedy becomes more important because it leads to a total understanding of what has happened to our country, and to us, since 1960. But the important thing to understand is the control and the power and all of the clandestine methods put together.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler ~ Antony C. Sutton


    In "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" Sutton goes to short lengths to disprove the Thyssen theory (in his book "I Paid Hitler") that Hitler is the illegitimate grandson of Rothschild. He states that it is unlikely but offers no information to the contrary, only that Thyssen did not refute authorship of the book until after WWII. But Thyssen isn't the only one who believed Hitler was the grandson of Rothschild. Hitler himself believed it. Was Hitler the grandson of Rothschild? Maybe, maybe not, but what is important is that Hitler believed he was and acted in such manner to suppress any information that might link him to such lineage.

    The planning of the Second World War started when Adolf Hitler joined a secret society called the Thule Society in 1919. It was in this group that he found the perverted beliefs that were later to lead him in his control of the German government.

What if Space Were Weaponized?


    This CDI Space Security monograph reviews the the potentially disastrous affects of the employment of space weapons in possible future crises. The monograph overviews five "case studies" ranging from a conflict between the U.S. and China over Taiwan to the outbreak of a space war between India and Pakistan. Author Jeffrey Lewis argues that in many cases, the use of space weapons could lead to rapid escalation of hostilities -- possibly even to nuclear war.

White paper (Skull and bones) by Goldstein and Steinberg

You Are Being Lied To: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths ~ Russ Kick


    "You Are Being Lied To" is a conspiracy theorists dream come true, and an interesting cross-section of modern American progressive thought. Featuring essays by Noam Chomsky, David McGowan, and others, YABLT offers a mix of the intellectual and the borderline loony, and although most essays are well-cited, some of them rely on the same kinds of information manipulation this book is supposed to debunk.

Deeper Insights into The Illuminati Forumula By Fritz Springmier and Cisco Wheeler

The Illuminati Formula ~ Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Secret Societies/New World Order by Milton William Cooper

Have fun and remember, Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.


posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 07:07 PM
I have zillions of good ebooks that I collect off of limewire and read when I get a chance. I'll have to go through and pick some that I can legally make available, though, since I don't want to post anything violating copyrights on ATS.

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 10:42 AM
This is a link to many books on the subjects you like. Please check it out, share with your friends. It is updated regularly!



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