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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 01:34 AM
This thread is an opportunity for the NOMINEES for Council ONLY NO OTHER POSTS PLEASE...

ALL Nominees who would like to, please present ONE Post with why you think you would be the best person for the seat you are running for, and any other relevant information you think will help your cause.

Please DO NOT respond to anyone else's thread, this is NOT a debate or a conversation, this is the ATS equivalent of a campaign poster, creativeness is CERTAINLY encouraged.

Most of ALL, HAVE FUN.


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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 01:38 AM
I think I would do well as the At Large Councilor because I have some experiance in this seat.......and I actually care.

Nuff said

Good luck ALL!

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 01:47 AM
I'm running for the ATSNN Councilor seat because I really care about that section of ATS. Already many members use it as their primary news source, but it has much more potential. By listening to ATSNN contributors and experts, and working with the senior staff, I intend to make it an even more valuable resource for all ATS members. My experience as a Council Assistant has already taught me a lot about what is expected of councilors from both the membership and the staff, therefore I have the ability to hit the ground running and deliver the most I possibly can for our great members.

Thanks for listening and considering me for ATSNN Councilor. Feel free to U2U me with any questions about my candidacy. Together we can all deny bias.

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 02:16 AM
I'm running for ATS General Councilour, I feel that as I spend so much time on the board, I would like the oppurtunity to try and give something back!
I chose General Councilour as I have the habit of poking my nose into everything so rather than specialise in one section, I thought I'd be best suited in helping members in a more general way and try and give some input into how things could be improved, if at all.

But in essence I promise to do the best job I can and to just try and help people as much as possible.

So Vote AgentSmith for ATS Councilour At LARGE!

EDIT - Councilor At LARGE is what this posiiton is on the ballot

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 03:13 AM
Hello everyone.

I am running for atsnn councillor and of course would love everyone to vote for me.

ATSNN is my focus of activity on the boards. I enjoy bringing news from all genres to ATSNN that bring debate and thought provoking responses. I firmly believe that ATSNN has the potential to become a top ranking news feed with all the latest and greatest of all international news sites.

My work on ATSNN and my submissions speak for themselves and I am sure many of you have got to know a little bit about me from the articles and replies I make.

A bit about me.

I am a 38 year old Australian mother of six rugrats. I am a Computer Technician/Internet Consultant/Writer with a love of life and everything it has to offer. I have journeyed through many walks and come to many crossroads on my exploration of life and I wouldn't ever change a thing or experience as they are all such a valuable part of the making of me. I am currently studying part time for a degree in Internet Studies and writing my first novel.

My hobbies are keeping up to date with current affairs, photography, showing my kids a love of life and the environment, travel, reading, writing, astronomy, numerology, gardening, indigenous cultures, Star Trek Voyager, The Internet phenomena, history and of course conspiracies. I have many many more loves and likes that you will discover by reading posts authored by me.

My avatar which was created by me is of Ma'et - The Goddess of Truth Justice and the New World order. That's me....... Truth and Justice..... two ethics I firmly follow and believe in strongly. Ma'et is also the first two letters and last two letters of my name Margaret (If you stuck my avatar in a mirror that's what you would see).

As far as experience is concerned - None as past council member here on ATS/BTS/PTS but I am proudly a mega moderator on another huge member board for computer technical support. I also created, admin and run my daughters forum at --

In real life I was a union delegate and member of the NSW labour council for many years before I became disillusioned with the political scene in the world today and the two party preferred system and decided I could make more of a difference freelance.

If you vote for me, you get me, all of me, I am who I am and i am a firm follower of my own moral ethic code - You get what you give.

Reasons you should vote for me

- Because I am nice and you all really want to invite me to dinner for great debates

- Because I deny bias
- Because I am Fair
- Because I care for ATSNN - Deeply
- Because I am active in working for ATSNN to see it grow and become a culture in news presentation.
- Because I have a sense of humour and don't take myself overly seriously
- Because I am serious about my intentions and care of ATSNN
- Because I can see both sides of coins, no matter what coins I am handling at the time.
- Because I would love to work with both staff, management and members to ensure ATSNN stays at the peak of respected news sources.
- Because you all really really want to vote me in

Thank You All
Oh and just message me if you have any questions.....or even to just say hi

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 05:53 AM
Since becoming a member of ATS, I've gained many things. Insight, information, knowledge, and a wonderful place to feel at home. A place where I can devour information. A place where I can let my research skills take over...and a place where humour, intelligence, discussion and debate are those four beacons of light in an otherwise somewhat dull Interweb

There are so many of us here - and we have our vast differences, many similarities; ATS has a created a unique opportunity for each of us to just see first hand the other side of the story, and to actually stop and think about the opposing point of view. That's something that's sadly missing elsewhere in the world, it seems.

I want to give something back to ATS. I spend a lot of time here, and I've found myself offering guidance, advice and information (and the occasional dirty joke) to many people (particularly those who frequent the Medical Issues board, as that's where my addiction really lies....). There is a wealth of resources available to me and for (longwinded and boring) medical and/or scientific research, help is only a clickety click away. Research is something of an obsession for me, and so is making folk laugh. If I can do both in one place, then I'm a happy little Tinkle.

As for me, personally?

I'm incredibly boring really. I'm an English ex-pat stuck in the frozen wastes of the Mid-West, I have a penchant for Nutella and pickled onion crisps, and if I could, I'd offer free chocolate (organic, of course...) to every man woman and child on the planet as a basic human right

In my real life I volunteer as patient liaison/advocate at two medical centres (primarily with patients who aren't fully conversive with medical jargon), and I'm also an advocate/volunteer for immigrants who've just landed, at the local shelter. I'm the one who helps fill out the paperwork, find out what they really need, and acts as go-between when things get tricky.

I'm long-winded at times. But I seem to be able to make people laugh...though whether that's at me, I'm really never quite sure! So, I think I'd make a pretty handy ATS Councilperson. I'd be happy to go wherever I'm needed, but as the medical forum is where I spend most of my time, ATS X would seem ideal. My U2U box is yours for the filling!

Yours, very tinkliciously sincerely,


(uh...proving once more that longwinded thingy.....)

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 07:47 AM
I am the best person for BTS or Person AT Large because I Know people.
I understand we are human, we all bleed the same and we all have the same emotions, something we just don't know how to express them.

I am heard on the site at least 12 hours a day, anytime you need help, mostly I am here.

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:18 AM
Well here it is then, I guess it is about time I throw down the glove and get involved.

I would like to run for PTS Councillor.

Although I have only joined ATS within the last 8months, I have found this ‘website’ more of a community than anything else if not a family. There are good days, bad days, movements when internal conflicts force us apart however we all seem to come back for one thing ‘discussion’ and removing the ‘ignorance’ that plagues society. The point of ATS is to ‘Deny Ignorance’ and I think this can carry over to PTS as well.

We should not just be denying ‘apathy’ but everything that goes along with it. We are a society, a society with nearly 60,000 members, each week hundreds more people join up and attempt to deny ignorance. To learn from one another and to help with the internal evolution of our species. Knowledge is power and at ATS we have the knowledge…so it is about time we transmute that to power.

PTS is to me a lot more than just a forum, Infinite displayed that it was possible to get ‘Big Name’ politicians to be interviewed for the benefit of the forum and ATS as a whole and I see that as the evolution of PTS. Removing ourselves away from the idea of Partisan Politics, but through the unique feature of ATSNN the development of PTS as a portal to bring about an Cultural [Internet] Revolution, along with the use of podcasting. The future of PTS can be one with immense power, one where we provide up to date coverage on elections World over using the large membership base that spans the globe.

PTS has the power to get involved, to educate us all on what is going on, through the use of PodCasting, interviews and news-stories and I would like to head this ‘Revolution’ and help ATS and PTS grow even further so that one day we will all be able to deny ignorance and work towards a society which works for the good of all of us. It is about time the removal of partisan politics and the real issues get dealt with and hopefully I will be involved in this.

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 10:17 AM
i think i will be good at being the bts council person because i like bts. ,most of my posts have been in bts. bts is a fun place and people who post within bts want harmless fun, and generally want to get to know the members.

i think i will be good because i know most of the membems
(im not saying i know all of them because i don't).
i want people on the other forums to know about bts and realise that it is not only a fun place to post but to know that we can be there to help people with personal problems. celebrate peoples accomplishes, birthdays, weddings etc.

i want to see bts grow and see more people posting on bts. i want to keep bts fun and a place where people can relax and not have to worry about the bigger subjects which appear on ats and other ats forums.

so if you think i have made a point and you want me to be your bts counciler then, vote for me!

oni x x

ps: i am on everyday and i can try and help all the new and old members if they have a problem or just want to chat.
anyone who knows me knows that i do not judge and i am friendly and am here to listern.
call me "agony aunt oni!"

[edit on 27-9-2005 by Oni x x]

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 11:07 AM
Ninja Cat Sez:
You in the chair, you vote! You vote Lysergic very wise choice you vote again!
You need reason?
I give to you!
He very handsome
He still have many plans for BTS
He once ate a really big donut
He once had a lvl 78 Gravy Wizard on a popular mmorpg
He be muy Ninja!
He make BTS into what you want!
Vote Lysergic!

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 02:23 PM
Vote cpr12r for BTS Council he will work for you and for the greater good of BTS!

Don't you want a fair, nice, experience (been here for almost 2 years been registered for a year and a half) and good person workg with you to help BTS?

Ohhh and you get free avatars from me if you vote cpr.


posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 02:44 PM
Hi ,

I'm running for the ATS X council place and I'm posting here to tell you the reasons why I would be a good choice for that place on the ATS council.

I'm active all over the board, there aren't any forums I don't visit, I read more than I post, but I post quite a lot too. I'm certainly most active in the forums under the X category and contribute most to these forums, which is why it was my choice to run for the X council seat.

So, why vote for me?

I've been a member for a long time now. I certainly know my way around the board and am very familiar with all of its many features. I know a lot of the members that frequent the forums and read a lot in the forums listed under the X category. I have a lot of spare time (No comment) so I'd definitely have plenty of time to dedicate to the ATS council.

I have a passion for the topics covered on ATS and a lust for knowledge and more importantly truth, I won't get bored so I'll be around here for a long time yet, without a doubt.

I would listen to all your ideas, every last one and present them to the rest of the council, mods and admin team.

I would represent the members on the forums and do whatever I could to make members time on ATS more enjoyable.

I'm easy to contact and quick to respond, so any ideas presented to me would get feedback at the first chance I could get and like I said, I have a lot of spare time so the first chance I would get wouldn't be a long wait. I really hate sending U2Us and feeling like I'm being ignored and I doubt I'm the only person that feels that way, so I would make sure that your U2Us (or any type of message) would be responded to, your ideas would be listened to and presented to those who it concerns (mods, other councillors, admins, whoever).

Feel free to U2U or chat to me in ATS chat, MSN or AIM to ask me about any of the above mentioned, or anything at all.



posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 04:22 PM
Vagabond here, candidate for PTS Councilor.

I'm not running much of a campaign, because I'm not too concerned with winning really, but I will give everybody a rundown on what I have to offer and why I'm in the race.

What I bring to the table is fairness and experience.
I'm opinionated, but I respect those who disagree and I believe this is vital for a PTS councilor especially. Working with ECK as an assistant to ECK before the staff positions were scrubbed gave me the chance to see what it is that the PTS councilors need to do and how it needs to be done.

One of the primary needs in PTS is recognition- PTS is sometimes treated as a redheaded stepchild to ATS. PTS can't hope to enjoy the same quality of content and discussion as ATS if members aren't recognized for their outstanding contributions as they are in ATS- a partisan PTS councilor can't help with that. All points in the political spectrum need to be recognized when they contribute, have their concerns addressed equally, and have the attention and consideration of the PTS councilor when they have an idea to put forward.

FSMEs were introduced to PTS a while ago also, with the council putting forward several recomendations for the new FSMEs. Bias just won't do in that obviously.

Beyond my ability to carry out the duties of PTS councilor with a fair, even hand, I also bring a great deal of ambition, communication skill (notwithstanding frequent typos), and a way with words which comes in handy when putting forward proposals for the council.

I'm in the race because as a council assistant I enjoyed working with the members, particularly new members who had questions or concerns they felt weren't being addressed. I have sort of come to a point in my ATS participation where I get more from participating in community projects, whether it's fiction contests, helping other members, etc, than I would get from just posting/debating. So I figured I'd toss my hat into the ring to offer a little help.

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:25 PM
Hiya all, Hellmutt is running for ATS X Councilor again.

As I am also the current ATS X Councilor I know what it´s about (yes, I do) and I´m hoping for a re-election.

  • First a little about myself:
    I come from the Kingdom of Norway. Norway is very cold (down to minus 52 degrees celsius = minus 61,6 Fahrenheit) and the kids there grow up wrestling polar bears on their way to school. In addition to polar bears they have to fight moose, wolfs and bears in their daily struggle to gain knowledge and truth and to get an education. The Vikings are from Norway and we discovered America, Antarctica and the Arctic. The Norwegians are very smart people and good looking too. And we tell you the truth

  • What will I do as a Councilor:
    I will be fair and honest (isn´t that what all campaigners say? Well I MEAN IT!
    ). I consider myself as a diplomatic person and I don´t judge ATS-members for what political color they wear, what country they come from, their religious beliefs or sex. Whether you are a Communist, Nazi, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Satanist, Environmentalist, Lawyer, Terrorist, Alien, Criminal, Policeman, Intelligent, Stupid, Australian, Tree-hugger, FBI, Gun-lover, CIA, KGB, MIB, DGSE, Al Qaeda, Not Pedophile, Gay, Canadian, Not Gay, Crazy, Feminist, anti-feminist, French, Bush-lover, Bush-hater or whatever you are. I will treat you the same way I will treat any ATS-member. I don´t judge members by who they are. English is not my native language, but I have the bonus of knowing all the scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish and Swedish). If I notice a post which holds a standard above the average, I might give you an applaud for it if I think you deserve it

    Have you met "the wall"? The Councilors are there for you, to help you, inspire you and to listen to your ideas.

    *Vote for Hellmutt!

    Happy voting and good luck to all the nominees, campaigners and candidates!

  • posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:30 PM
    Hello my name is brodband and I am always coming up with new ideas. I have a very nice personality and can talk with anybody. I am not shy and would love to run for the DISC ATS Council. Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas, and and ALL should be sent to me U2U if I make council, and I will review every single one of them and reply as soon as possible. Make this the job for me, and I will make your dream, come true!

    I am running for ATS DISC Council (DISC Representative) and this is why I would be perfect for the position

    I have a very open mind. I am very easy to get along with but yet I go by the book to ensure that everybody will be inline. I am here to help you whenever you need it, wheter it be about a thread, another member, or just someone to talk to about things. I keep everybodys business private with me and would never share anything about anybody. I am always coming up with new ideas and ways to create a more expandable atmosphere for the members of ATS and will always take in your thoughts about what ever you may have to say. Just give me a vote, and I will be there whenever you need me
    Have a nice day!

    [edit on 9/27/0505 by brodband]

    posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:54 PM
    Greetings everyone.
    Just me, vivid and frank Seekerof here...
    Anyhow, I am running for ATS DISC Council Person or DISC Representitive.

    This position is currently held by an outstanding and respected member, Majic. I am of the opinion that anyone who plans on assuming Majic's current role/post will certainly have some mighty big shoes to fill.
    Majic has done an exceptional job. My hats off to him, and genuinely thank him for the service that he has rendered and done for this community and for its members.

    Having been apart of DISC in the past, when it was first created, I have since longed to be back in a project that was originally intended for the betterment of the ATS community and the members experience within ATS.
    I am not sure of what all has changed within or about DISC [it's purpose and function, etc.] since those early days, so I cannot or will not make any pledges or promises as to what I will try to achieve or bring about.

    The only promise that I can and will make is that I will give 100% to whatever is tasked, and to the continued betterment of the ATS community and member experience.

    I am open to suggestions and ideas, but I would humbly ask that any and all such member ideas and suggestions be held until a replacing DISC Council member has been nominated.

    I wish the very best of luck to all who are running for Council positions.
    They are all deserving.


    [edit on 27-9-2005 by Seekerof]

    posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:58 PM
    Hey, I am running for BTS councilor. I think I would be good for this job because I am on BTS for at least 5 hours every day. It's become part of my life and I would love to see it grow. I would be able to help people with their problems and I'd listen to what people had to say. Im not really here to just ramble on about how great of a job I would do and then not do anything. If given the chance I would do everything in my power to make BTS the best place it can be. peace, vote for me

    posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:58 PM
    Good evening, I'm mrwupy and I want to be your DISC councilor.

    I found and joined ATS just a little less then a year ago. I joined on December 24th, Christmas eve. Thats right, I was your Christmas present, (Santa ran out of coal)

    I have loved being a member of ATS and have had the greatest time since i've joined. I've learned from each of you and done my best to give back with as much fervor as I have received. Still, It's time I did more.

    I need your vote for DISC councilor.

    As for myself personally, I'm a poet, writer and philosopher. I also have a day job cause i'm really not very good at the first three things I mentioned. Still, I would make a great councilor cause even if I can't resolve the problem you have the letter I reply with will be funny and entertaining. I will resolve the problems I can and work diligently to find an answer to those that run into a wall.

    I'm most active in the writing community and hope to help resolve whatever issues may arise there. World Watcher is the Mod in that forumn and she's doing a fantastic job and i'd love to help her in any way I can. As the DISC councilor i'd be in a better situation to do that.

    I hope I can count on your vote come election day and look forward to serving each and every one of you.

    Love and light my friends,


    posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 06:00 AM

    Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood wolf...of war, here. I'm running for ATS G Councilman, and heres why you should vote for me.

    I've been here for many years now, longer then many of the other nominees. I've seen it go through alot of changes, and I have gained a fair knowledge of those years on how the forum works, how it directs itself, and where it is going. My posts are always of a high quality, as I put myself to a high standard on everything I do, and if you vote for me, it would be nothing different. I would make sure that ATS is going in the right direction, and keep the focus on the topics that started the site itself: Conspiracies.

    So hey, vote for WolfofWar in the council elections, you wont regret it

    posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 07:54 AM
    Vote Atomix for BTS council!

    My friends, it is true. I, Atomix am running for BTS councilperson. I have been here on this great site now for almost a year. During that time I have witnessed many discussions and debates. I have seen members come and go and I even got applauded a few times!

    As a BTS councilperson I would take time out to actually listen to your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. And educate those "newbies" in the ways of ATS. As SkepticOverlord has mentioned many newcomers have no idea of the complicated system that is ATS.

    Things like creating a post, sending a U2U and givings a WATS vote may seem simple to us but when I was a newcomer as a wee lad back in the days when we used the other points system, no PTS or ID, I was confused about the workings of the website but friendly members like Asala, Shorty, Infinite, Striker112, Kinglizard and others helped me. I recently passed the 1000 post mark and am trying to break 1500. But as many newcomers also dont know its the quality not quantity!

    So vote this Atomix chap because he'll be the best bloody BTS councilperson and remember: Keep watching LOST!

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