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Any new news on CIA/Crack, TWA 800, and Franklin/Sex Coverup?

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:20 PM
Way before 9/11, the three political conspiracies I was most interested in for years was the downing of TWA Flight 800 from July 1996, the connection between the CIA funneling coc aine into inner cities to fund contras, and the child sex ring that reached the white house and washington elite from the 1980's.

after a lot of research and having read some books on each subject, the basic summary for all three from a conspiracy standpoint is:

*CIA/CRACK: After the senate scaled back funding to the Nicuraguan contras, the CIA field team were told to find alternate ways to fund them. So perhaps not a wide conspiracy, but some field agents took it upon themselves to allow coc aine to be flown out to Los Angeles, where Ricky Ross helped distribute it; turn it into crack, thus creating the crack epidemic and also finding a new funding for the contras.

*TWA Flight 800: Two major theories abound: That TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a stinger missle by terrorists from the middle east, and Richard Clarke and Clinton covered it up in order to avoid a messy conflict on a reelection year. OR, that the Navy during live drills accidentally shot it down with an empty warhead, causing it to become unstable and fall. Hundreds of eye witnesses claim to have seen a missle fly up from the ocean and hit it, the FAA radar shows a dot coming near the dot of the plane, and several navy people have some forward saying something was up. Richard Clarke in his book almost says outloud that TWA 800 was a coverup:

Richard Clarke, who helped get the bin Ladens out of the US when noone could fly following 9/11, says in his book some pretty revealing things.
There is also a documentary called Silenced: Flight 800.

*The Franklin Coverup: In 1990 when the Omaha Nebraska Franklin Bank was raid, prominent black politician and singer at both the 84 and 88 Repblican National Convention Lawrence King was arrested for embezzlement and fraud. However, what soon became apparent
was that he was behind a massive child sex ring from the early to latter 80's that serviced washington's elite and top businessmen.
Articles, the documentary conspiracy of silence, and eve the Washington Times front page news about it:

Senator John Decamp was one of the only few voices in the government who tried to stop the coverup and opened procedings. The only other prominant people helping died in mysterious causes, such as former CIA head Bill Colby.
Over 70 children and teens testified under oath, none of em who really knew eachother, colloberated testimony. Several of these teens who indeed passed polygraphs, gave details about areas of the white house noone knew about, and were able to place Bush Sr at a child sex party in 1984 in Illinois.

Most startling was that Paul Bonnoci won a $1 million civil law suit in his case. In 1985 he wrote in his memories about being forced into unthinkable acts for Washington DC's top elite at Bohemian Grove, the dark ritualistic ceremony the elite tend to every July. He mentioned in his diaries that a man named Hunter Thompson was there...Thompson was supposedly writing a book exposing this whole thing when he "committed suicide".

Like 9/11, theres been red herrings thrown out by the media to dissuade any real investigation, like the Jeff Gannon story.

Has anybody else followed this or are interested in these three events? And is there *any* new news or revelations that have come out in 2005?

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 12:59 PM
The three conspiracies you mentioned are also ones that I have always had an interest in as well. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of updates except for the Franklin Cover-up.

After Hunter S Thompson's death, the Franklin incident got a little bit more attention in the "non-mainstream" press as it appears Thompson was researching or otherwise had information about this situation. This lead to allegations that his suicide was actually a CIA hit in disguise. Not the only story by any means, but a good blog entry regarding the connections

Googling HST and Franklin Coverup should yeild you some interesting reading materials. Good luck.


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