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Major Indo-US Carrier/ASW Exercises

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 12:17 AM

A quick response/reply to the recently concluded Sino-Russian naval exercises.

The USS Nimitz along with the INS Viraat are the mainstay of these exercises.


INS Viraat:
external image

Reports from an Indian Daily mention that the USN will field a Los angeles class sub(USS Santa Fe) while the INS is fielding a corny Shishumar-class sub (HDW)

external image

LA Class Santa Fe:

The paper also said that the USN will field Guided missile destroyers USS Higgins and Chafee.
The INS Mysore(Destroyer), Ins Godavari(frigate), and INS Aditya(Tanker) will represent India.

The Article explicitly mentioned F/A-18 Hornets being fielded against Sea Harriers

The US is also suposed to bring its, P3 orions, E-2C Hawkeyes, and SH-60 sea hawks.
This Reuter India report claims that the exercise will involve 10,000 troops!!

The exercise is supposed to cover "counter-terrorism,ASW,cross-deck chopper operations, and oposed replinshment"..
Also as I stated above a/c will be used in tandem and/or against each other..
Where does this leave Indo-Russian relations??

Also on a recent note India backs USA on at the IAEA on the Iran affair..
Never saw that coming..

EDIT: How do you rephrase the URL??!

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