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My UFO organisation idea to help find and document UFO's

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 11:23 PM
Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. I've been a reader of the ats boards for a while and I enjoy reading about super natural things and UFO's. One thing that bugs me about UFO's is that nearly all pictures taken of them are of very poor quality and cannot be verified. I came up with an idea to help capture UFO sightings and also to authenticate such sightings while also gathering as much information of it as possible.

My idea is simple. I am proposing to start a group of dedicated UFO hunters who will watch the skies 24/7 all around the world. My idea is to have a high resolution video surveilance of the sky in UFO hotspots and where ever people volunteer to join the project. I want to have high resolution cameras made along with "fishbowl" type cameras that capture a 360 degree view of the sky at all times. This coupled with the power of modern computers and advanced image recognition software should yield excellent results in hunting down UFO's.

This is a quick prototype design I came up with in my head.
external image
(sorry about the low quality pic, I will make a 3d one later)

The camera on the left is the high resolution camera that spins in any direction and also rises on a hydraulic lifting mechanism. It also has a thermal imager to take a snapshot of any entity it spots in the sky to get a heat signature. I feel this is necessary in case an anomaly is found and can yield much needed information. I believe we could obtain the tripod mechanism through MEAD perhaps as they make nice telescopes that move by themselves using the same principle.

The camera on the right is the "spotter". It is a 360 degree view camera that watches over the sky and detects moving objects. Using computer software it will determine if anything is moving. It then sends the coordinates to the high powered zoom camera which then records a video of that is saved on a computer harddrive. Each video is timestamped and contains a specific mark to provide authenticty. The telescopic camera then follows the object until it is out of sight. This camera can cover a huge portion of the sky for miles and miles if placed on a rooftop.

The unit will communicate wirelessly to a computer via 802.11G or new wireless technology. It may also have a nightvision filter.

I want the projected cost of each unit to be between $500 and $2000. The reason for this is I want each camera to have the best resolution possible. I also want each camera unit to be the same to provide consistancy in the project.

I would like the project to be purely volunteer and each camera unit sold will be sold as non profit by whoever we find to make them. Ideally only one is needed per major city to sweep the skies. I know it may seem pretty expensive but among millions of people living in urban areas at least one would be willing to participate in such a project IMO.

A website would also need to be made for the project. If and when the project is in full motion I would like to see dozens or hundreds of the cameras web-broadcasting the live feeds so users can see them and perhaps find something. A forum would also be in place for each individual camera where users can comment on what they see and a video archive would be available to each camera operator to store footage of what they captured for all to see. Bandwidth may be an issue here so perhaps bittorrent technology could be used to help the webservers.

A few technical limitations I thought of are weather and location. Weather can pose a problem such as strong rain or freezing temperatures. I'm not sure how the mechanisms would handle such things and would need to be designed to handle them or be dismantled easily during such events.

a few QNA you might have

What if there is more than 1 object in the sky, which one will be filmed?

A: The software that would be made would allow the owner of the unit to designate how much time the camera records each object so that multiple objects can be recorded.

Can the camera be moved manually?

A: Yes, cameras that can be moved manually are great because humans are smarter than computers

So I would like to hear some of your comments and what you think would hinder a project like this. And this is a non profit project as well so don't think im some marketing guy here lol.
If anyone is interested in perhaps participating in this project that would be really great. Design engineers, c++/asm coders, web gurus (php asp) would be more than welcome!

Also what kind of names would you all suggest? I thought "Eye on the sky" sounded fitting.

(edit for image size)

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