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"The Vallaritas Incident"

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 10:02 PM
"The Vallaritas Incident"

"Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lt. Bill Fryer speaking on the account of The Vallaritas Incident". Itd had been two years ever since I was commisioned into the Department of Defense. "My actions were as followed". And there I was, speaking to some of the worlds super powers,
including our own president. "I have not yet found the key to todays society on war, peace, and New World Order. But I will still fight to ensure every one of you that our protection will be known as the biggest mistake from chemical war power ever to happen in world history and to the United States of America. My Story:

I had been stationed at a test site just outside of Eglin AFB, Florida where the office of the highest head of the US Presidency was. Yes, thats right, a figure higher than the President. The Super Power of the U.S.
if you will. His name was James Hallman. He knew about every base, aircraft, operation, and submarines there were currently on the map. One of the smartest men alive. But anyways, I started out working on aircraft at a place in Pensacola called Blue Angel Aviation. It had been the 60's and BAA had been the only F.B.O around that time. My job was to hand the tools out to my father which was working on a Top Secret project called Operation: Silent Killer. It had been an operation issued to him by the U.S.A.F and the CIA. I am in my late 40's now and back then technology wasnt all that great compared to what it is today. The government was just coming out with stealth technology. Little did I know I was helping to put together the cooling system at the rear of the engines for famously known F-117A Nighthawk. After twenty years, I found out what I was doing and nearly fell to the floor.

Life is seldom for me, basic, secretive, and secure. I am one out of only four pilots in my field that are assigned to fly President, Hallman.
He is a nice man. We had had breakfast that morning and went over flight plans and emergency procedures incase of a problem in flight.
The aircraft I was flying was so secret, that they didnt even tell us the name of it. Well, we all knew anyways because we had buddies that worked on it.
It is called the XPCA-113 or, the Experimental President Carrying Aircraft model # 113. We all didnt know why it was named this, kinda stupid I thought. This aircraft was huge, about the size of a C-5 Galaxy. We all called it the AN-225 of America and though was it like a dream to fly.
Alot of other pilots thought that bigger aircraft were hard to fly. Well, ours wasnt, and ill tell you why. As a U.S. pilot, we all had our rules and regulations of the airways, no more than 250kts below 10,000ft.
Ours was now more than Mach 15. Kind of funny since we fly an aircraft that will only fly at 760kts max. Thats RIGHT AT Mach 1.

This aircraft was designed to be quiet and slick. But with a big hunk of metal like this, we had it made. But anyways, back to my story.
Mr. Hallman was awesome, he would joke around with us, invite us to meetings with the president, take us out to lunch. This guy was great.
Carrying the super power wasnt always easy, alot of scary spikes happen to us all the time. This aircraft has all the top of the line, cutting edge technology
you can think of. The reason for the title of the story was actually the way things have happend in a series of events. People have it all wrong about
the place commonly known as Area 51. Its a big lie and a big distraction to the world. The government is hiding nothing there. But, there is an underground base there. The place is called Vallaritas. Its a mexican looking resturaunt that was just built to be sitting out in the middle of nowhere next to a three mile long runway. no towers, no ATC, just dirt and Vallaritas. When you walk in, it looks like a fancy resturaunt. There is silverware on the tables, automatic working doors, and of course unlocked doors. All the time. You walk back into the kitchen, and there was a freezer door. I guess you can get where im coming from.....

...Thats right, we we're walking straight into the chilled freezer with a bunch of boxes in it and behind one special box that has "Eggs" on it is a small hole. This small hole is not even as big as the static ports you would find on an airplane. The key is actually kind of weird and only two people have this key and they are Mr. Hallman and his Vice, George Bush. The key is a sort of odd
device that is actually an encoder with a fiber-optic end on it. It reminds of a womans lipstick. After inserting this key, a keypad comes out and the president punches his code in to access a retinal scan system. Finally, after this comes fingerprinting and voice activation. Now comes the fun part. This door is probably the smallest piece of amazing technology I have ever seen in my entire life but it is one interesting one I can tell you that. The door all of a sudden appears in front of us and it reminds me of one of those hologram type things that you might see in a Star Trek movie. The president keenly opens the door and says, "After you gentlemen". I stepped into this door and stepped into the most amazing piece of equipment I have ever seen in my entire life of living. The type of device only mankind dreamed about. It was an elevator. After stepping into this elevator everything was pretty much free from scanning. The only thing the president did have to do was use his fingerprint. But the scanner was on the buttons itsself. There were four
floors. Each button had its own number I guess corrosponding to its depth below the surface. The numbers were: 5, 10, 15, 30. I was looking over Hallmans shoulder and saw that he pushed 15. We were going one thousand, five hundred feet into mother earth.

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