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Rumor, Conjecture, Speculation, and Lies oh My

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 07:20 PM
Are we entering an era where communication via the internet and mainstream media have left us wanting more drama, more hype, needing spin, searching for conspiracies devoid of logic or facts?

Are we all to ready to fall for a conspiracy theory now?

Through my membership here at ATS I have observed more than participated for the most part. I find it very interesting to see how a conspiracy theory can evolve from even the most wild and unbelievable rumors or even just a simple, sometimes silly question.

There are many great members among us who are very quick to step up and “deny ignorance” yet more and more it seems they are the minority.

Even when facts and conclusive evidence are presented in a powerful and convincing form, it is quickly dismissed by those who “want to believe”

I believe a healthy debate and search for the truth is a good thing for all of us... However I am sure now that it is not healthy for anyone to be an eternal pessimist, or always having a cynical outlook on everything and everyone. At that point you tend to become a dry sponge willing and ready to soak up anything and everything that is not “mainstream” or fills your desired paranoia level.

Is it always necessary to place blame or point fingers, speculate, and seek to replace truth with lies expanded by even more?

Would we have a perfect world if everyone was totally pragmatic?


A balance between cynics and pragmatists would be best.

Even better would be to always have a team effort to investigate, seek the truth, and avoid indulging in speculation, conjecture and lies.. All on an ultimate quest to Deny Ignorance.

However we do not live in a perfect world do we?

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussions.

Carry on!

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 08:05 PM
I think our mix in general is excellent though. It takes the whole Scooby team to foil the bad guys and uncover the truth.

Sure, we have our Shaggy's as well as our Velma's, but I wouldn't ask a single one to change, except maybe Fred. That cravat is kind of tired.


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