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Global Warming Article

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 07:00 AM
Not the first but atleast some have the guts to go against political correctness...

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 04:26 PM
British Scientist Warns Global Warming Loonies
A leading British scientist said on Friday the growing ferocity of hurricanes hitting the United States was very probably caused by global warming and criticised what he termed US climate loonies over the issue.
Sir John Lawton, chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution which advises the government, made what the Independent newspaper said was a thinly disguised attack on the stance of US President George W Bush's administration.
"The increased intensity of these kinds of extreme storms is very likely to be due to global warming," Lawton told the newspaper in an interview.
"If this makes the climate loonies in the States realise we've got a problem, some good will come out of a truly awful situation," said Lawton

This will certainly cause people to comment on what he said. Just to call The US loonies is inviting a sharp response. If it makes one person wake up to the issue then it has done good.
100 Million Worldwide Honor Car Free Day

Around 100-million people observed yesterday's international car-free day.
Campaigns to reduce reliance on cars were planned for more than 1 500 cities in 40 countries and are designed to show alternatives to car use such as public transport and the promotion of car-free zones.

There should have been more media hype in some areas. I know many Australians did not even know this day existed.

European Union And Kyoto Protocol

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The European Union does not expect a binding agreement to emerge from major talks designed to find a way of replacing the Kyoto climate change accord, the EU's environment commissioner said on Thursday.
Around 150 nations will gather in Montreal in late November to discuss a treaty to replace the Kyoto agreement, which is designed to curb emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.
Kyoto, which formally expires in 2012, does not cover developing nations. As well, the United States and Australia walked away from the accord, saying it would harm their economies.

Australia would walk away from anything while holding GW' s hand. Wish we could stand tall and walk free.

Global Warming Will Cause Conflict

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Rising world temperatures could cause a significant increase in disease across Asia and Pacific Island nations, leading to conflict and leaving hundreds of millions of people displaced, a new report said on Thursday.
Global warming by the year 2100 could also lead to more droughts, floods and typhoons, and increase the incidence of malaria, dengue fever and cholera, the report on the health impact of rising temperatures found.
Compiled by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Conservation Foundation, the country's leading medical and environment groups, the study predicts average temperatures will rise by between 1 degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) and 6 degrees by 2100.
"We're not just talking about a longer summer or a shorter ski season," AMA president Mukesh Haikerwal told reporters.
"Climate change will damage our health. People will get sick as a direct result. People will die in larger numbers as our earth, our world, our home, heats up."

Its about time people admitted global warming is actually happening.

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