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Georgia Attacked South Ossetia. Do you think it could be the war on terrorism?

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posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 09:55 AM
The explosions began in the evening, at about 19.00, at the southern outskirt of Tskhinval, when the celebration festivities were drawing to a close and the people were coming home. Three shells fired from a 120-mm mortar hit a residential area, and houses were damaged and people wounded.

As South-Ossetian Minister of Defense, Anatoli Barankevich, told journalists, one shell exploded at the Bakery Plant, and two others hit the yards of apartment houses. The shell that exploded at the Bakery Plant set on fire two cars parked in front of the building.

From seven to nine Tskhinval's residents were wounded, among them a 2-years-old girl. The girl and her mother were urgently taken to North Ossetia in an ambulance and operated on.
According to Marat Kulahmetov, commander of the peacekeeping force in the conflict zone, the investigation revealed that the firing had been from the direction of the village of Nikozi, populated mostly by Georgians.

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