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Iran Wins Against Referral Attempt, So Now What?

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posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 09:36 AM
With articles (see below) already claiming an Iranian victory (allbeit with help from Russia, China and India) against referral to the UN Security Council, what do you think will happen now? How is the US/EU going to negotiate their way out of this one? They clearly do not have the support needed at the UN for a referral, and Iran has already rejected a second draft attempt, holding their line that they will never give up rights to peaceful nuclear development.

It appears for the moment that Iran will continue pursuing uranium conversion work, which can lead to enrichment for weapons use. And it appears that they will be able to do it under the protective wings of Russia and China.

In the face of continued unresolve at the UN, will the Bush administration take it upon themselves to launch preemptive strikes on Iran, despite all the warnings against it? Just like Iraq?



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