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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 08:30 PM
This is my very first rant, not to much makes me mad, I try to be a nice guy. No push over mind you, but pretty easy going.

Many know I live in the city of Chicago, a lot of kids, Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites....the whole melting-pot. Ages 8-14

A lady in my building is very well known in the city, not sure what she did for the city but it was up there. She had I million dollar park just put in, in the last year.

I was talking to Lil(the lady) about the kids new more to do, I have a bunch of older people in my building, like 65 and older( you know the people that have forgotten what it was like to be young and frankly lived in a different world. They call the police on the kids and what not. Tell her I would like make a team and coach them.
She thinks that its wonderful and blah blah blah. She said she had noticed us over there everyday.

So I start organizing the kid, by playing football, I have taken about 20, we meet everyday at 4 pm, I am teaching them to be a team and How to play, not just catch the ball.
Doing drills, running laps........

Lil makes the calls and I needed to cut my roster to 12, 8 starters.

SO, I go to the rec center and the lady was ready for me, she gives me a BOOK to fill out, I'm talking 35 pages of personal info, and on top of that I have to get finger printed and DNA.


I am really stuck, how do I tell these kids that they cant play because I refuse to my rights violated, they have been working so hard, and its not like I have anything to hide.

Part of me can understand the why they do it this way, but # your killing me.

I would rather take a voice stress detector test or blood pressure liar test.

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 08:58 PM
That's a tough situation....

On the one hand you want to refuse the tests b/c you feel it's an invasion of your privacy (and of course, it is), and on the other hand you truly care about these kids and want to make a difference in your community...

A sacrifice has to be made...Both choices are polar opposites but also have very legitimate concerns - I can understand why they'd want to run the tests since you'll be working with children...But I certainly would feel uncomfortable releasing that much private information....

Since we're talking about the gov't, I doubt a compromise could be reached....They have their own little world they must conform to...

Maybe you can continue doing this on a private level by simply getting the written consent of the parents or this older lady...

Are there any other local leagues you can join that have less strict background checks?

Or maybe draft a petition?

Just a few ideas that came to mind...

That's awesome though man...Good luck in getting this thing worked out

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 09:33 PM
My grandad has told me before, that a good compromise leaves everyone unsatisfied.

Is there a number you can call for help? Or a local beaurcrat to talk to? I remember my mom told one of her friends to call either the mayor or the governor about privacy issues when she volunteered for Little league. But I live in a tiny town in nowhere.

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