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Very fast military jet over hertfordshire

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 05:15 PM
Hi all....

Both yesterday and today around 3:30pm over Hitchin in North Hertfordshire i've heard something very fast flying overhead and doing turns then coming back again. Both days there has been extensive low cloud cover that meant i couldn't see what it was at all. But i've been to enough air shows to know it was something very very fast and it was extremely low...just above the low cloud.

it only hung around for about 5 mins each time then disappeared.

We are directly on the flight path for Luton airport and we NEVER have any military jets around here.

We have RAF Henlow about 5 miles away but they don't much from there apart from small prop planes.

Anyone else hear/see it?

Any ideas what it might be?

It was going very fast....only time i heard a noise like that was seeing a Tornado or an F15 at duxford airshow.

There were no airshows near here yesterday or today.....


posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 10:32 AM
Mystery solved.....

It came again just now....saw it this time. A Tornado...looked fully loaded. Came right over the horizon, banked steeply right over us and then headed NW towards Bedford area before turning and heading south.

Still strikes me as odd...never had military fly-overs here...and within about 30secs of the Tornado flying over a passenger 737 heading for Luton on final approach came over at pretty much the same altitude....

Love to know what's going on...

Any RAF types know?


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