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My LOVE: a short story

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 08:56 AM
MY LOVE and I walked along the path one day as the sun was shining and the birds were singing and everything was beautiful.
As we walked amongst the flowers and the beauty of creation, we whispered our love to each other. As He pointed out one treasure after another, I couldn't help but to shout out in the joy I felt in loving Him... He laughed with love in His eyes at the pleasure He gave me, then gently took me by the hand and lead me to another...

As we walked, basking in our love for one another, this strange and sad looking man approached me. While his faced was contorted in anger and his voice was filled with hate, his eyes held mine with the suffering they showed, the eyes of a child begging for love...

This man came right up in my face and snarled, the stench of his flesh was almost more than I could bare, but the pain in his eyes held me in spite of the offence to my nostrils. I reached out for his hand and as my fingers touched his, he violently jerked away, as though MY LOVE were a painful thing, He looked in my eyes and then looked this way and that, and said with another snarl, "What are you shouting for and Who are you talking to? Are you mad?"

How strange I thought that he can't see MY LOVE, I said, "Look, He is right there, can't you see Him?" Again he looked into my eyes and jerked away, looking this way and that, and spat. "I see nothing!" and turned to run, I reached out and touched him but he ran away in the darkness, I turned to try and catch him, but MY LOVE said, "Come, follow Me, I have more to show you."

We moved on through creation as I marveled at the beauty of it all, He hugged me and gently whispered, "I love you"... I whispered back, "Oh I LOVE You too!" All of a sudden this sharp voice said, "Who do you love, and as I turned to see who spoke to me, I saw this little old lady, with a child dragging along behind her. I said, "Oh! I love this child, he is so wonderful." She said, "This child?" I said, "Oh, yes this child is so beautiful" she said, "You must be daft! This is a bad child, children should not be so bad" I looked at the child with wonder, how can she see bad in this child I asked myself, as he looked up at me with his heart in his eyes, I reached out to touch him and as my fingers gently grazed his cheek, she pulled him away, I tried to follow, but MY LOVE tugged at my heart and said, "Come, I have more to show you." "But LORD" I cried, "What about the child!", He said, "Trust Me and Come". So I looked into His eyes and my heart was filled with joy and I followed.

As we walked further into creation, He showed me great and wonderful things, things He had prepared for me. He showed me His great love for me in all He had created. I stared in awe of everything He had done. As I stood there in speechless wonder, a man with a bible came up and stood beside me. I turned and smiled and returned my gaze to MY LOVE. "Amazing isn't it?" he said, "Yes", I said, "most amazing", he went on, "All this and heaven too", "Yes" I said, "It is to much" "Amen!" he replied, and thank God it is ALL mine in Jesus Christ" I thought to myself, what is he thankful for, so I gently reached out to him and said, "Do you see MY LOVE", he said "Oh yes, in the things that you do", I asked again, thinking he had misunderstood me, "Do you see MY LOVE".. again he replied, "Yes, it is in the things you say", "No" I tried to explain... "those are but shadows" and as I reached out and touched his hand he was already turning away, whispering to himself, "it is mine, it is mine" "No wait!, those are just shadows," I cried, "please can you see MY LOVE?" but he was gone... MY LOVE reached out and gently touched my heart and drew me close, as I cried, "why can't they see You?" He dried my tears and gently said, "Don't fret, MY Me and come.... so I followed.

As we continued to walk we approached a great house, there were many rooms far to numerous to count, there were servants and kings and many I had seen along the way, I paused to look in, but He gently nudged me on my way. Soon we approached a hugh door and I knew the time had come for MY LOVE to reveal His great love to me, now was the time for Him to fulfill my hearts desires...

As we drew near the door, He swept me up into His arms and carried me in and closed the door. He gently took my face in His hands and looked into my eyes, "Now, MY LOVE ask Me anything?" I said, "My LORD, what of the child? why did he not see you?" and He said, "Oh, but He did MY LOVE, when he saw Me in your eyes his heart jumped with joy, because he remembered MY LOVE from the beginning, all children know MY LOVE, they just have a tendency to forget, so they must be shown daily to remind them, or they can be drawn away"... my heart jump with joy to know the child knew MY LOVE and was comforted. Then my mind fell to the old lady, and I asked, "LORD, what of the old lady with the child? She was so lost and lonely, what of her LORD, does she have Your love?" He smiled as He reached out and took my hand. I looked down and saw the scars and reached out in love to touch them, He took both my hands in His and said, "Ofcourse. she has MY LOVE, as she looked into the eyes of the child, she saw MY LOVE there and remembered how it used to comfort her and bring her peace and she reached out and touched the child and was returned to Me. "Oh, LORD... You are so very wonderful, You have given me much joy"

"But LORD what of the man, the one who could not see You and ran away into the darkness in fear? What of him LORD, will he be lost?" "No, MY LOVE, he is not lost" When he looked into your eyes, he saw MY LOVE and through he fled into the darkness in doubt and fear, he remembered Me. As he trembled in the darkness crying out in his pain, he remembered seeing MY LOVE shine in his mother's eyes when she held him in her arms, he remember the peace he felt as I cradled him in MY LOVE. As he stumbled in the darkness, he cried out and the Light of MY LOVE came to him and he came running into My open arms" "Oh, LORD, how can it be that You love me so much and that You have given me these wonderful gifts? How can I possibly deserve You?"

As I rested my head on His shoulder, basking in the great love I felt in His arms, my thoughts wandered to the man with the bible... and I said, "LORD, what of the man with the bible? Why couldn't he see MY LOVE? Is he still wandering around blinded by the beauty of creation, never seeing that IT is not Your love, but a gift of Your love? What of this man LORD?

The LORD gave a slight frown and shook His head, "This man is a hard case... this man has stored up his treasures in his heart and there is no longer room for Me, he "sees" Me in My gifts and he "knows" Me because of the evidence of My gifts. He worships Me because I am the giver of all good things and he knows all things are Mine and I will gladly share. But he does not want to share, he wants to store up My gifts for himself and hold them to himself, refusing to bless others with the things I have blessed him. He sees the shadows of My LOVE in the blessings I give, and worships THEM, but because of his selfish heart, he cannot accept MY LOVE. IF I should attempt to fill this man with MY LOVE, I would break him."

Tears filled my eyes as I thought of this man's condition, he so desperately needed love, but his heart would have to break before he could ever see MY LOVE. . "LORD what can I do for this man, how can I help him? Can he not be saved?

"MY LOVE, remember when we met this man as we walked together and how you tried so hard to show MY LOVE to him, yet he was blinded by the shadows and the glory of creation, how you reached out and touched him, but he faded into the darkness. He felt your touch, and just for a moment he remembered and felt MY LOVE, as he stumbled in the darkness he tripped over the treasures he had built up and would fall, but MY LOVE was right there to pick him up, because as you know, MY LOVE is strong..." "Yes, MY LOVE I know how strong You are, but please tell me, what of this man, did you save him? Does this man have your love?" He smiled and drew me close and said, "Yes LOVE, he does" "But LORD, how does this man have Your love?" and He laughed out loud and swung me over His head as He said, "You gave it to him, MY LOVE, you gave it to him."

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