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Detailed guide to the North Korean Military Machine - PDF - The US should be scared

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 04:23 PM
To all the people who think that a US war with North Korea would result in a swift victory should resd this.
This a a comprehensive guide to the North korean military and Political structure as well as reports on the georgraphy and demographics of the country and many other things. It also contains a detailed guide to all North Korean weaponry and military units.

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity NORTH KOREA COUNTRY HANDBOOK, May 1997 [PDF 5.5 Mb]

Combine the might of the North Korean Military with 4 generations of population indoctrination to hate the US and you have an enourmously capable and fanatical fighting machine. If hostilities broke out it could well be the bloodiest war since the First Korean War, with US casualties dwarfing any of those suffered in the middle East.
Could this lead to the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by the US at selected miltary targets, or would casulties possibly numbering in the 10' of thousands be acceptable to the US public ?

This is of course if the US committed itself to a general ground war on the Korean Peninsula. Given the defence pact with South korean and the stationing of US troops on her soil, a major US commitment to a ground war would seem inevitable.

So what are your thoughts ?

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 05:44 PM
North Korea continues to position forces into the area just north of the DMZ— in a position to threaten Combined Forces Command and all of Seoul with little warning. Seventy percent of their active force, including approximately 700,000 troops, over 8,000 artillery systems, and 2,000 tanks, is postured within 90 miles of the Demilitarized Zone. This percentage continues to rise despite the June 2000 summit. Most of this force in the forward area is protected in over 4,000 underground facilities, out of over 11,000 nationwide. From their current locations, these forces can attack with minimal preparations or warning. The protracted southward deployment follows a tactic of “creeping normalcy”—a significant movement over a period of many years that would attract too much international attention if accomplished over weeks or months

According to remarks made by General LaPorte, commander USFK, during congressional testimony in March 2003 North Korea has for the past 10 or 12 years adapted its military on what the military leadership perceives as the strengths of the United States military. The KPA has adapted in several ways. First in terms of communications the North Korean military has developed an indigenous, frequency-hopping radio that allows soldiers to communicate in a secure mode. Fiber optics have been installed between fixed facilities. And in attempt to protect its forces from US surveillance and air capabilities, the North Koreans have built a tremendous number of underground facilities throughout North Korea to protect leadership and critical forces.....

North Korea has organized a grand total of seven million men and women into reserve units. Reserve Military Training Unit, Worker-Peasant Militia, and the Young Red Guards make up most of the number. The units are managed by the Party Civil Defense Department in peacetime, but are placed under the Ministry of Defense in contingencies. War mobilization measures usually assign Reserve Military Training Unit to the front or regional defense in war, while the other two units are assigned to maintain security in the rear, guard duty for important facilities, etc. About 30% of all North Koreans between the ages fifteen to sixty are mobilized for reserve units.


The pdf in the original post has a far more comprehensive military hardware guide.

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 05:57 PM
According to north Korean defectors, Kim Il-Sung -- president of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea -- issued a sweeping order in the early 1970s that required every Korean People's Army division along the Demilitarized Zone to dig and maintain at least two tunnels into South Korea. The opposing United Nations Command had been aware of an earlier north Korean tunneling effort that never became an actuality, but was surprised when new evidence came up that indicated the north was hard at work underground again.

  • Tunnel 1 - On November 15, 1974 while in operation in the western DMZ near Korangpo, allied reconnaissance troops found steam rising from the earth's surface indicating that a tunnel was present underneath the DMZ. The tunnels depth is believed to be some 45 meters, has a total length of 3,500 meters of which 1,000 meters invaded into the DMZ...
    ...The tunnel is large enough to allow the transit of a regiment of troops and heavy artillery every hour.

  • Tunnel 2 - On March 19, 1975 a second tunnel was discovered following the testimony of Kim Bu-sung, former official of the Liaison Bureau of the Workers' Party of North Korea, who participated in the construction of underground tunnels and defected to the South in 1974. The South Korean Army analyzed the sound of underground explosions which started to be heard in Cholwon in 1972, and examined suspected sites. The arch-shaped tunnel is double the size of the 1st Underground Tunnel. There is a plaza where troops gather, and three exits which were to be used for both conventional and unconventional warfare....
    ....It has a total length of 3,500 meters and is 50-160 meter below the surface. About 3,000 armed troops and their vehicles, artillery and tanks can pass per hour. -dmz-tunnel02-002.jpg[/img][/img]

  • Tunnel 3 - On October 17, 1978 a third tunnel was discovered following th e 1975 testimony of defector Kim Bu-sung. Initial efforts to discover the tunnel failed until June 10, 1978, when an excavation hole was exploded, they started to dig a counter-tunnel which later reached the North's tunnel on October 17, 1978. It is about the same size as the 2nd Underground Tunnel, but would have been the most threatening tunnel if the North had used it to invade Seoul....
    ....It is 73 meters underground and roughly 1,635 meters long. About 30,000 ranked, heavily-armed troops can pass per hour.

  • Tunnel 4 - After detecting the sound of underground motors in May of 1989, the Army started excavation work using state-of-the-art reconnaissance devices developed by the Korean Institute for Science and Technology. They sent electric waves through antennas, which were put through excavation halls driven every 20 meters. Analyzing the transformation of the waves, they were able to pinpoint the tunnel's location as well as determine its size. Twenty-three days after they started digging, the counter-tunnel reached the North Korean tunnel. Forty-five Korean and foreign journalists were present at the scene of discovery of the fourth tunnel on March 3, 1990. The tunnel is 145 meters below the surface and is 2,052 meters long. It is located 26 km northeast of Yangku. The tunnel could allow the transit of some 30,000 soldiers per hour.


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by rogue1

So what are your thoughts ?

Why don't you leave them alone? they haven't done anything. If they do, choose the less bloody way to get rid of them...even if it includes nukes.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 08:05 PM
You know I once recall an enemy in the pacific that attacked the US preemptively and had indoctrinated its people to fight till the last man, women or child. Back then the US deemed that an invasion would cause too much lives and well you guys know the ending.

So if the North are considering an attack they should go over history a bit.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 09:44 PM
Numbers don't mean much when their equipement is crap, their soldiers are hungry, their fuel is minimal, and their infratructure is primitive.

Don't forget the US military's prediliction of hyping the "enemies" up far above the level the are in reality. Republican Guards anyone?

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