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I'm going for a long time (UK Wizard)

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:12 AM
I mentioned a while ago here that I wasn't going to University like the rest of my friends, instead I was planning to volunteer my time through CSV.

Well I've now got my placement!

I'm going to Dewsbury College, where my role will be working with students with special needs, providing general classroom and one-to-one support.

I'm extremely happy over this as it means I can put my mind and energies to good use helping others who need a little bit of help.

I'm going this coming Thursday (1st September), and my flat mate is apparently from Germany…which limits my joke material…*cough*, only joking

I'll be doing a full academic year (ending sometime at the end of june)

There maybe a small chance that I'll have easy access to the internet but from what I've read that won't be the case as I'll be busy whenever I have possible access to the internet.
I will make it a mission to update you all whenever I can, telling you of my work, life and generally how I'm getting on.

Although ATS is only a website I'm come to know several people on here and regard them as friends even though I've never met them in real life.

Life just got a whole lot more real


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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:25 AM
Well done mate, not only have you got a job, you've got one helping out those less fortunate. Top man

Just make sure to take a foil hat......just in case

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:33 AM
Well done, UK Wiz'.

Drop us a line, if you get a chance.



posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:40 AM
Good on you UK.

It will be a shame to not see you about as much but I am sure you'll be a great asset for the students and find the experience richly rewarding.

You are such a thoughtful and caring chap it's a pleasure and honour to know you and with such an excellent attitude I'm certain your future will be as bright as it promises.


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:45 AM
yeah man, a change of life!

It's good to switch the place sometimes! Enjoy your time there! I wish you a lot of new experience!

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:48 AM
Thanks everyone!!!

I'm rather emotional at the moment, I'm holding the tears back....

Also forgot to mention that I'll have a week back at home a couple of times between when I start and when I properly return home due to school term breaks.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 06:49 AM
well done friend...

and good luck with all of your work...

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 07:27 AM
Congrats and good luck

Hope we'll see ya 'round again at some point

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 08:03 AM
Congrats to the moon, and good luck, UK.

You'll be missed, but hey.. this is awesome... you have a job to help people and contribute to a greater good. I'm hoping the best for you... and don't worry about us... we'll be fine. Perhaps you should transfer your council power to someone else while gone? You should ask Simon or SO.

Take it easy, man. See ya around.


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 08:23 AM
well done UK old chap, gonna be sad to not see you around so much....if you need internet access u can always come to Portugal and use my machines for free!....

good on you mate...i hope it all goes really well....dont forget to give your German room mate a good "HUZZAHING".......

Good luck.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 08:30 AM
wicked!! well done!

hope everything goes well, i hope you have a fantastic time!!

hope to see you around soon!

oni x x

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 11:06 AM
Congratulations UK! You've got great things ahead of you

I certainly hope you enjoy your time and make the most of it, but try and make it back here every so often just to let us in on how much we're missing

Take care buddy...

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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 12:28 PM
Awwww.... does this mean that there will be no more halo2? *sigh* lol

Have fun buddy and well do your best and you can never trully leave... muahahaha!!!

Ughh.. wait... can I have your council position?

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 12:57 PM
UK Wizard you take care! Its a wonderfully job you are going to do and im sure you will really enjoy it,

We will miss you around here, But YOU go grab this by the horns ok!

You will learn alot about your self while doing this, I have worked with special needs children and the benifits you gain from this will change you.

Drop back when you can to update us

But most of all have fun and enjoy,


posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:08 PM
Wow, that's a very noble cause! My respect and admiration just went up a great deal for you. Anyone who has the heart and patience to work with special-needs children is just amazing. I say this only because I know that if I had the challenge, I doubt that I could manage it.

Though it will be a loss for you to be on ATS less, congratulations on your position and I truely hope that it goes swimmingly for you.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 03:50 PM
Once again thanks folks for your support, its a big step for me but I'm hoping to learn alot from it.

Just a note for those not from the UK, college normally begins at 16. The age group I'm working with are 16 to 21, with some possibly older.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 04:56 PM
Stepping Up To The Plate

Wizard, while we're sitting around talking about things, you will be doing something about them.

Thanks for walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

You have earned my salute from across the Pond.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 04:37 AM
I'm packing my stuff today

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 05:33 AM
The Dawn Of A New Day

Originally posted by UK Wizard
I'm packing my stuff today

It's okay to feel that twinge of sentimentalism, or even remorse. And hey, moving sucks.

But though your back may ache a bit from all that bending over and packing stuff, you can stand tall, because you are doing something that makes the world a better place.

Considering how many people choose the opposite path, your deeds place you in a league of your own.

There is no harm in being proud of what you are doing.

After all, we are.

May love and light mark your path,


posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 11:56 PM
hate to see u go uk but your doing a good thing I'lm glad theres peeps like you around

have fun be safe and thx for my avatar =+D

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