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End Oil Dependency!

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:04 PM
Just a thought here...

Could not the US end its dependency on oil? A number of positives could come from the transition from oil to a number of other power options. Also, we could practically put Venezuela, Saudi, and the whole middle east into a depression.(we practically fund these nations with our drunken oil habits) Not saying that this would be a great thing...but some of these countries could possibly be funding terror. I'm only 15 and I know this much....why hasn't our country been able to figure it out for years (the continuing elevation of gas prices, the monopolistic OPEC, gas shortages of the 70's)

1. cleaner air, the beginning to the end of environmental problems and possibly global warming if acheived on an international scale.
2. The US could gain economic power within the automotive industry, newer cars, more advancements, more money, more jobs, more economic growth
3. An end to funding possible pro terror regimes!

1. In the beginning jobs will be lost and oil companies will have to learn to cope with the new world of lesser oil consumption.

We have the technology and the lets use it!

Wondering what ATS thinks here...anything i've over looked? Anything false?

I'm here to learn!



posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:20 PM
The best solution is to have several options. If everyone started using one alternative, you would have the same problem, if not worse. The best solution is to get half the country using gas, 20% using diesel, 10% using biodiesel, 10% using ethanol, and the remaining using whatever else ever comes along.

I also think it is important to get rid of heating oil, heating a home needs be done by electricity, propane, natural gas, or an alternative method.

And please stop using natural gas to produce electrity, there is wind, coal, solar, nuclear, hydro, so why inflate another market. Beside if you don't have enough capacity to build wind generator, where the hell is capacity coming from to support natural gas. Plus the turbines used is one of the most inefficient.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 05:35 PM
One of the things people often forget is the abundant products which also come from oil. Plastics comes to mind first off...chemicals for medicines, industrial processes, etc.
I think our oil depency may be a bit more complicated than filling up at the pumps, although that's where the majority goes.
Our distribution system of 18 wheelers is a great guzzler of deisel as are our aircraft carriers.
I'd like to be able to lose our dependency on oil as well, but I just see higher prices pushing up the cost of commodities in the near future.

Nice post though, Blue's a topic whose time is ripe for discussion.

BTW...welcome to ATS


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