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My NWO theory

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 12:51 AM
All right i have been doing some reading on ATS and found a few interesting things that i belive need to be put togther for all to read.
First off Please Forgive my spelling, I know it sucks.

We all know by now that some one(s) are pulling the puppet strings of the world, But who are theses people.

Here is the theory i have about this.
We need only to look at the biggest corprations of the world. Not the grunts on the doc's or the papper pushers, But the CEO's of the Maga Corps as i refear to the them.

So who are the biggest players in the field?
1. The big oil companys of the world, Mobil, Exon, BP.
2. Microsoft. enough said.
3. The Major Medical Compnays, The pharacuidal indy is on of the biggest players.
4. Major Tec Sector, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.
5. Some of the Bigest auto companys, Not the CEO, but the real owners.
6. The media, these people are the perfect front for disinfomation.

Now i know a few of you are gonna dissagree with me on a few of these but hear me out.

1. Big Oil, Well lets look at the big pitcher here, with out it we would have to go back to a way of life not many people could cope with. And they have some of the heighest profits of all of them.

2. Microsoft, Granted bill is starting to loose his grip on this market, but he still is one of the richest persons on the planet. Also most computers and big biz still run on Mirosoft OS. If bill wishes to do so he can pull every Linces for all his software and that would cripple the Internet and the world.

3. The Major medical Companyes, They have the american public in such a tight grip right now, rapeing our wallets, and putting unsafe products into the market. If they all decided to not sell any drugs then i belive about 25% to 50% of americans would die form lack of the medication used to keep them alive.

4. The major Tec companys, they have the power and money to buy allmost anything on the planet. They have new Tec comeing out all the time and people rely on these items in there day to day life. (rember the movie Robocop, Not the part about RoboCop him self, but the maga corp that tryed to buy/steel detroit)

5. Some of the Biggest Auto companys owners, They are in the back pockt of the oil Indy, they make and force uss to drive Oil Useing products in our day to day life, they have been a big opontant of public trasportin systems ( Detroit is a prime example of this, the Bus system sucks and there is no light rail service, So if you have a job thats far from home, you are stuck haveing to have a car, and seeing the Unemployment rate in the City area is way above the national average, if you want work you gotta drive out to the outter subburbs.

6. The Media, they are the pawns of all this, Most people(the Sheeps) who don't get the true story about things allways relie on these out lets for there news. most of the time important Key factors are missing form news reports. They are conditioning us to except death and distruction. Very rarely do you see positive things on the news.

7. The farming indy, not the farmers them self, but the people who sell them seeds ( Medical Indy research) and the Oil Compnays( Furtilizer and pestacides). These people have a stangle hold over the farmers, who are haveing a hard enough time with out worrying about being sued for useing last years seeds to replant there crops. Not to mention there are posining us with all this extra garabe they add to the Fertalize and pestacides.

If any one has somthing to add to these Please do so!

All right so where does this leave us, Well we all know the above list( or the ones behind the companys on this List) are the ones who are pulling the strings.

The way things are going right now reminds me of a Game i used to play back in high school called SHADOWRUN, Which for thoese of you who don't know is a future based RPG game set in the yaer 2050, The govermnet Is nothing that it is now, the Major Player are the MEGA corps.
Crime is high and so is the poverty Line, as these mega corps battle it out to rule there market (and the people in it) Most major cities are owned and run by these corprations, there is no cilvian Police force. Only the mega corps privet police force, who idea is to "shoot first and as qyestions later(if they survive).

Now back on topic. the Mega corps of today are slowly bringing this Fansity Game to real life. Look at the us for example, it was ounce the biggest industrial player on the plant, there was times in our past that unemployment was nonexistant (well all most). We had the highest liveing standerds on the planet, but now look where we are, Dependint on Oil, Drugs, unemployment is up, and they(Sheeps)not realy careing what the hell is going on.

The us is in a decline big time, and i feel it's only a matter of time befor we see one of these corps step into the picture and offer to help a major city, only then to steel it from the public and then it all starts going down hill from there.

Well there you have it, my Theory.
please add to this as you see fit and this is open to deabate of course, but i think and feel ( that little voice in my head is telling me i correct on most of there)that this is where we are headed.

Please for give the spelling, i have adult ADD and spelling is not one of my strong points


posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 01:12 AM
you dont need a mega corporation to run the government.... it already is a mega corporation. If you look, most cities/states have purchased stock in a lot of different companies. The money generated from these investments (which they used our money to invest with) is dumped straight into that state's fema account. (or, that states CIA account whichever you prefer.)

I forget exact numbers, but most states generate 2x to 3x the amount of income off these investments than they generate from taxes. The current fema fund could cut the national debt in half and still have trillions left over.

Any work needing to be done is contracted out, contracts are snatched up by government officials whom also run their own companies.

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posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Shallow and pedantic.

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posted on Sep, 6 2005 @ 01:45 AM
anyone ever read how money works and the scam behind it, ? its mind blowwing and seems so obvisious once you see the truth behind this paper that has us killing each other and working slavelike jobs just to get our hands on a little... read MONEY SCAM

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