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"The Grays" Streiber book to be a movie...

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posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 02:24 AM
Just FYI for you guys/gals and alien friends...

From Variety:

Sony Pictures will pay "Black Hawk Down""Black Hawk Down" screenwriter Ken NolanKen Nolan $3 million for his 75-page "script-ment" (less than a script but more than a treatment) of Whitley Strieber's as-yet-unpublished alien sci-fi novel "The Grays," marking one of the studio's largest payments for a treatment. Story concerns an alien race who essentially function as the "United States of the cosmos" -- running things on Earth as well as on other worlds. Operating in secrecy, the aliens are unwilling to reveal themselves for fear of altering mankind's development.

Producing the pic are Avenue PicturesAvenue Pictures' Cary BrokawCary Brokaw and former Sony Pictures chairman John Calley -- the duo behind Sony's recent adaptation of the Patrick Marber play "Closer."

It's not clear who'll star in "The Grays," but insiders say the lead role is intended for a female.

An ex-advertising exec, Strieber began his career as a novelist with the horror tomes "The Hunger" and "Wolfen" -- which were turned into feature films by Orion/Warners and MGM, respectively.

More recently, Strieber co-authored, with Art Bell, a book about doomsday climate change, "The Coming Global Super Storm," which served as the inspiration for Fox's "The Day After Tomorrow." Streiber also authored a novelization of that film.

He first gained national notoriety for his 1987 book "Communion," about his alleged abduction by aliens.

"The Grays," unlike "Communion," is a fictional exploration of the effect aliens have on mankind. It will be published by the Tor/Forge imprint in August of next year.


posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 10:09 PM
Fine, if it's Sony Picture. But watch out: any film showing grays running the show here can become bait for cabal types who don't want the public to know that they've been compromised by the grays (which they have, possibly by design of the breeding program). What I'm saying is that Whitley needs to be careful that the producers who bought his picture aren't just shills who will pay for it, like one of those extra mileage carbeurators, then shelve it so that no one finds out.

The producers buy the film, not the studio. If, for example, some Rothschild-related Tavistock crony buys it, they will just pretend to want to make it, then bury it so that the public doesn't see the true nature of "the Intervention."

Bob Lazar sold the rights to his story to some British producers, but, given what we know about Lazar, I fear that the producers who bought Lazar's story are going to deep six it, then tell Lazar, "Sorry, but you can't sell it to someone else--now that you've spent the hundreds of thousands that we gave you!"

In the world that we live in, Whitley needs to include a good faith clause saying that if they don't make the film within 18 months, then he can buy it back for the sale price and option it to someone else.

In the alien stories business, big narco/cabal $ are always on the look for breakthrough projects that they can silence, BEFORE they happen.

Like the dope surrounding 9-11 (see Daniel Hopsicker's website) and the early awareness of Mohammed Atta, the feds (shadow regime) will try to shut people up, when they can (see the story about Sybil Edmonds, the FBI translator who also blew the story about fed narco trafficking surrounding 9-11 suspects).

I truly hope the movie gets made, but I also suggest that we all be extremely wary of those shadow elements. They don't care about human lives, they don't care about this planet---just its resources and value as a base, of sorts. We are way deep into an alien Intervention here (see "abductions" and "the breeding program"). They are extremely cold blooded.

posted on Aug, 25 2005 @ 10:32 PM
I hope this movie gets made. I am so pissed off at hollywood in regards to E.t.'s. I've done my research...War of the Worlds was an introduction to what may come, just way too over-the-top...

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 01:15 AM
Gosh I hope not. Streiber's a dreamer and one who can write his dreams. Say..opposed to Ray Fowler who when he writes Ray writes the facts of his investigations - carefully.

Alaghasi Incident -- check it read it and see. Ray Should allow a possible Movie Script based on his decided UFO/EBE writings. Strieber should consider retiring from any possible movie scripts and books. He's made his money.

Mr Fowler's been in the high end Aircraft business and really does thorough EBE/UFO/Abduction investigations. One of the most respected investigators in this area of all time.


posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by gl2

You don't understand how optioning works.

If somebody bought the rights to Bob Lazar's story (which would be hard to do, because he hasn't written a book about it), they would option it, which would allow them the option to create a film about it for a limited time (usually six months).

After the option period, if the would-be filmmakers haven't used the option, they can either option the rights again, or let the option lapse.

In any case, no one has to "buy back" the rights to their own story.

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