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Shadow of the Giant

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 03:27 PM
I am a huge fan of Orson Scott Card and am well into his new book "Shadow of the Giant." This is the fourth book in the series that parallels to "Ender's Game" which cronicles Bean's life as he searches for his children and is one of the better books in the series.

What is interesting about the book is how it parallels real world politics. Apart from the differences in US government, there are times when I read it as a big "what if" on the near future, but what I find to be the most interesting speculation is how it depicts situations that justify a one world government in a different light.

Anyone else read the book yet? Maybe I'm jumping the gun on, but it's just speculation.

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 07:54 PM
i love orson scott card books, but i have to admit that this isnt one that ive been able to get a hold of as of yet. the last i read was "Ender's Shadow" and that one really gave me alot of insight into Bean's character. Now, i dont know if this is the correct place to inquire about this, but ive heard that there was supposed to be a movie in the works based on "Ender's Game". Has anyone heard about this at all?

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 09:29 PM
This is what IMDb has to say about it:

Directed by
Wolfgang Petersen

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Orson Scott Card story
Michael Dougherty screenplay
Dan Harris screenplay
D.B. Weiss screenplay


Produced by
David Benioff .... executive producer
Robert Chartoff .... producer
Lynn Hendee .... producer

Other then that, IMDb says it's scheduled for 2007 and only been announced. On a side note, Wolfgang Peterson directed a long list of films including Das Boot, Enemy Mine, In the Line of Fire, Outbreak, The Perfect Storm, and Troy. It's being produced by Robert Chartoff who produced all the Rocky films.

Now there's a long way to go on this project, so we'll what comes of it.

posted on Oct, 17 2005 @ 10:23 PM
this is rather exciting! i really just hope they dont butcher it too much.

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