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Interesting Chech Folktales

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 01:24 PM
The Legend of Bruncvik

His wife Neomenia was loathe to see him go, and was worried about him [...] He tried to comfort his young bride, and he gave her his ring to wear, and took hers, and told her that he would return in seven years' time. He told her that she would recognize him by her ring, and that if he didn't return in time it meant that he was dead, and that she should remarry. [...]he set out on his adventures accompanied by 50 men on horseback. They travelled far and wide[...]it was the dreaded Amber Isle, which sucked sailors to its shores like a black hole eats up spaceships.[...]After two years on the island, all of the men and horses were dead except for Bruncvik and the oldest man of his former consort.[...]The old man sewed Bruncvik into one of the horse skins[..] [A large annually appearing monster bird] carried Bruncvik away - and to its nest, as food for its babies. Then the bird flew of for more food, [...] [Bruncvik] made short work of the baby birds. Then he got the heck out of there before the big bird returned. [...]soon found himself in a deep, wild forest [...where a]lion was fighting a nine- headed monster, [...]together the man and the lion finished off the monster, chopping off all its heads one by one[...Bruncvik and his lion had many adventures together in strange lands[...]he stole a magic sword that knew how to chop people's heads off all on its own - all Bruncvik had to do is say "Blade, heads off!" and off they rolled[...]When Bruncvik came home, he was surprised to see everyone dressed in their holiday best. When he asked what they were celebrating, the people told him that Neomenia the Queen was to take a new husband that day. [...] She called the wedding off, thus sending her ex- bridegroom into a mad fury. He and 50 of his friends set off to track Bruncvik down and kill him. [...]
Soon, the 51 heads of all of his rivals were rolling on the ground, chopped off by that magic sword, and Bruncvik was in his beloved Neomenia's arms.

Interseting little story. The lion dies soon after the hero passes away. The lion supposedly had two tails, apparently the hero for one reason or another cut his tail the long way, and some fairies/gods/saints whatever made it heal into two tails. Supposedly, 'when chech is at its lowest and most dangerous point', the hero's sword will be found by a saint, and this will lead the nation to victory.

Apparently, there is another group of knights tied up in a 'chech apocalypse' who will also be lead by this saint.

The Knights of Blanik Mountain

Beneath Mount Blanik, at the place where the natural spring waters bubble up from the earth, there is an opening in the rock [..inside are] all manner of medieval weaponry, and hundreds of horses stand along one wall of the hall[...] these stone chairs around these stone tables slumber the owners of the horses, the Knights of Blanik, slowly nod away the centuries, waiting for the day they will be summoned into action[...that day is heralded by] the tops of the trees in Blanik forest will dry up. Next, a dry old beech tree at Pusty fish pond will sprout back to life. Finally, the rock face at the entrance to the underground chamber at Mount Blanik will break in two. The battle around Blanik will rage so thick that Pusty pond will turn red with the blood of the soldiers fallen in battle. Only after many tears are shed and many acts of courage are entered into by soldiers of both armies will St Wenceslas arrive to save the day. He will do so astride his white steed, wielding the sword of Bruncvik and leading the Knights of Blanik. The enemy will turn tail in fear, attempting an escape to Prague - to which place the newly-awakened Czech warriors will give their enemy chase, then engage and defeat them in glorious battle, despatching the enemies of the Czech lands [...]Once a month, by the light of the moon, the troops and their horses come out of the mountain for exercise. They make such a terrible racket that it's heard for miles around - and by the light of the next day, you can see the hoofprints in the fields and meadows around the mountain

An intersting side story that involves a smith. Smith's are often found in folktales for various reasons.

Once, a smith of Lounovic who was walking on the mountain was hailed by a mysterious dark knight, who asked him to come to the underground chamber and shoe all of the horses. The smith did as he was asked [...] the knights told him that he might take some of the horses' manure away with him as payment. [...]and once outside, the foolish man deleted his smelly payment and went home - where his family was overjoyed to see him, and asked him where he'd been so long.

"So long?" said he, "why, I spent all afternoon shoeing the horses of these weird underground knights..."

"All afternoon?" said they, "my goodness - you haven't been gone one afternoon, you've been gone a whole year!!!" [...]
three gold ducats fell out of the sack - for what the smith didn't know about the manure of the horses of the Knights of Blanik was that it turns to gold when it leaves the underground hall. The smith rushed back to the spot where he'd left the rest of his "gold," but there was no trace there of any matter, glittering or otherwise

Intersting tales.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 03:26 PM
Interesting post. First that I have checked out the folk tales section. Looks like alot of good reading.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 08:54 PM
wait...where did u get CZECK folktales?!?!? thts just...odd..wait..let me think..r u czeck? lol i don't really care...but cool stories


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