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Russia to increase defence budget by 22%

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 12:49 PM

Full article ...

Russia plans another substantial increase in defense spending next year to pay for across-the-board military upgrades, development of new weapons systems and improved social benefits for defense-sector employees, news agencies said Wednesday.

A draft 2006 budget allocates 668.3 billion rubles (24 billion dollars, 19.5 billion euros) for spending on national defense, an increase of nearly 22 percent on this year's defense budget and a figure equivalent to about 2.75 percent of Russia's projected gross national product.

The draft 2006 budget heralds a third consecutive year of significant increase in Russian defense spending in real terms, and came as President Vladimir Putin reiterated that upgrading the country's armed forces remained a priority of his presidency.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Perhaps its for these new projects >>

1- The PAK-FA 5th generation fighter

The fifth generation fighter plane under development at Sukhoi Aircraft Corporation is to make its maiden flight in 2007. "The development of the fifth generation fighter is proceeding in strict compliance with the schedule and the plane will be flight-tested in 2007," the Russian Air Chief, General Vladimir Mikhailov, said while visiting Kubinka airbase near here. Russia has offered India a stake in its fifth generation fighter programme and the issue was discussed during President A P J Abdul Kalam's recent Russian tour, when the Indian President visited Sukhoi Aircraft Corporation. According to Sukhoi sources, the experience accumulated during the implementation of Su-30MKI fighter project for the Indian Air Force provides a 'solid ground'' for the Indo-Russian interaction in developing the fifth generation fighter, which would match the US JSF project. According to Kremlin Military Aide Alexander Burutin, by 2012 the Russian Air Force will have up to 60 per cent of new inventory. "A new armament programme has been developed and we shall achieve this parameter by 2010-2012," Burutin was quoted as saying by ITAR-TASS.

Pics :


2 - The Viryaz-2000 or Mig-I 2000

3- Plasma stealth
4- Manuverable, hypersonic, missile defence beating warhead

The Russian Rocket Forces reportedly tested a new missile warhead, which, in President Putin's words, were capable "hitting targets at an intercontinental depth," "with a hypersonic speed, high precision and the opportunity of deep manoeuvre in terms of height and course". It was heralded as Russia's response to the U.S. missile defense and the Russian military proudly claimed that the new warhead can penetrate any missile defense system.

Details of the test have never been officially (or otherwise) disclosed, but it is belived that the new weapon in question was a maneuverable warhead for the SS-19/UR-100NUTTH missile (although some reports say it was a SS-25/Topol missile warhead).


5 - Russia's next-generation T-95 tank

T-95 thread

6 - Swithcblade like aircraft

Details ....

7 - The reusable spacecraft Kliper

8- UAV called Shtil.

Russian company KVAND, a leader in the national aircraft VIP interior completion and components production market, will present a new concept – an experimental specimen of a multi-purpose robotic unmanned turbo- jet code-named Shtil (“Calm”) with vertical take-off and landing capability.

The specimen differs markedly from the already existing unmanned drones and bears no resemblance to them. This new project draws on the combined international experience of unmanned aircraft design. The aircraft is capable not only of ‘normal’ take-off and landing on a runway, but also of vertical operation. The drone also has a radio transparent body which makes its detection by radar extremely difficult.

The Shtil aircraft is flexible enough to be used for a multitude of applications. One of its major functions is surveillance, in commercial and municipal sectors, as well as in the military field. Geological surveys, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, jamming, aerial target application (the drone has a high flight speed of up to 780 km per hour), rescue mission assistance at emergencies both on land and at sea – this is just a small list of functions the new drone is able to perform.

KVAND’s Chairman Oleg Ponomarev commented: “Considering the latest trends in aviation technology development, and keen interest towards it on the part of emergency and military services, there is a huge market for unmanned drones of all classes and purposes opening up throughout the world, where Shtil-3 will surely find its place.”


posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 12:59 PM

Russia is working to create weapons that no other country possesses, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily.

Many countries are working on…modern weapons systems, including us. Naturally, not a single partner or ally of ours knows anything about it and nor will they until they are tested,” he told the paper.

In recent years Russia’s army has been reduced from more than three million servicemen to 1.2 million, and the military forces should be developed not by increasing the number of soldiers but by high-tech weapons, the minister said.

Russia yields to no one with regards to nuclear weapons, Ivanov believes. He explained that Moscow is not an aggressor as it was portrayed during the Cold War. However, although the possibility of a nuclear war is minimal, to ensure Russia’s security the development of nuclear weapons will not be halted, he stated.

Full article ........

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 01:08 PM
I doubt it's for any new fighters...

Don't get me wrong, the reds certainly have the technical know-how to make some of the best planes on the planet. They don't however, have the time or the monetary resources (even with such an increase).

I'd go more with the idea that they know they need to SERIOUSLY upgrade the electronics, etc. on their existing equipment, especially those materiels that are sadly out of date, but serviceable with modification.

Simply put, their arsenal is rusting in warehouses and junkyards, and they know it. Nice (for them) to see them actually DOING something about it though.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 02:01 PM
Anything new Russia develops it will ahve to export first, to be able to afford some stuff for itself. The Russian armed forces only real strength anymore is their naval and airforce. The Airforce it kept in Action well, and their subs kick arse.

Ground wise it is mostly old and outdated, just kept in action by good will and luck. Poor old Russia, she went so wrong.

Shame Putin is an awful leader and is unlikley to do anything about it. Although he did sort out Chechnya. His one achievement?

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:09 PM
I have been hearing bad things about their military for awhile, so maybe they are trying to correct those. Mostly training budget, since some of their pilots only get a few dozen hours of flight time a year.

What kind of army do they have? Is it professional or conscripted? If it is the latter, they may just have problems from too many people who don't want to be in it.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:11 PM
Hooray, it'll be nice to see a competitor with a decent budget. If the US gets lucky Congress might raise our budget to keep up. I love a bit of competition, it brings out the best in both of our great nations.

That and I'd love to see some new fighters coming from out of Russia.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:27 PM

Originally posted by cyberdude78
Hooray, it'll be nice to see a competitor with a decent budget. If the US gets lucky Congress might raise our budget to keep up.

The 2005 defence budget for the US is requested at $401.7 billion, cyberdude.
Fiscal 2005 Department of Defense Budget Release
US defence budget will equal ROW combined "within 12 months"

The proposed Russian defence increase amounts to only $24 billion.

A draft 2006 budget allocates 668.3 billion rubles (24 billion dollars, 19.5 billion euros) for spending on national defense, an increase of nearly 22 percent on this year's defense budget and a figure equivalent to about 2.75 percent of Russia's projected gross national product.

You were saying?


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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:36 PM
True, it's a decent budget for the US. But when you consider how much of that is being spent on Iraq, and compare it to what it was in the cold war (factor in $ equivlents) it could be higher.

Sure we may be ahead now, but if Russia keeps improving their situation, one of these days they'll catch up. And let's not forget about China.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:36 PM
i dink he meant keep up, like keep up with the Cold War budget.
, i forgot how much we spent back during the Cold War days. i think it was almost 500 billion let me chek.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 09:52 PM
cant find it right now since the public sources mostly tell about 1990s and 2000s fiscal year military budget. but as close as i can get to an accurate view of the military budget was 350 billion avg per year in the 80s. so i was wrong in guessing how much it was back in the 80s.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 07:56 AM
My god...soo much money..


posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 08:07 AM
i dont think vityaz-2000 is gonna go to production isnt it suppose to be shafagh?.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 03:32 PM
The problem out here with the Anti Russians in this forum is that when it comes to Russia they pick up their black specks....just like you close your eyes when you are afraid...and as a result they see everything black .

In the soviet times when the Russians had a high budget they called it an "evil empire" , then in the 90s when the budget decreased ...they started criticizing about that ,again when in the new millennium when Russia is slowly but steadily gaining back her position they don’t like it for some reason or the other (most probably they are afraid of the emergence of a country who dared and still dares to be "different ").

Same thing in all other spheres ... during the soviet times they criticized about the centrally planned economy the 90s they criticized the oligarchs looting state assets and again in the new millennium when the state punishes the same criminals (oligarchs ie Yokos ) they call it "authorian Rule "

but to me what looks most funny is that ..they don’t understand that by calling Russia's arsenal “Old” “ back dated” ...they indirectly make a fun of themselves ...specially when these backdated ones were enough for the Indian AF to kick their ....

Money is a very important thing dear ..but with that you need something that we out here call “indigenous brain” and “ talent “...hiring them from China and India (where they are available in plenty) will not work for long .

.............May God Bless America

[edit on 24-8-2005 by prelude]

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 03:37 PM
i didn't realize the russians could afford that....

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 03:51 PM

Indian AF to kick their ....

I suggest you read up a bit about that incident because were getting tired of misinformed people making this same mistake over and over.

Yes, indeed may god continue to bless the United States.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 04:25 PM
I thought the indian airforce thing had our planes at close range, outnumbered and generally using rules that were to our disadvantage. It was an excersize, not a simulation of how a real war against us would play out.

In any case, I don't think most people here underestimate russia. I have russian relatives, and they say bad things about the military there too. It just hasn't had enough money recently to keep going at what it was before.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 04:52 PM
""""I have russian relatives, and they say bad things about the military there too. It just hasn't had enough money recently to keep going at what it was before.""""""

I too accept that everything is not satisfactory waht I am saying is that things are improving very very rapidly ....there is a hell and heaven diffrence between the Russia of 1998 and the Russia of 2005 all aspects military politics economy social life etc but the anti Russians are either ignorant or deliberately neglect this new development
they prefer to stay in a fool's paradise where Russia will always remain as it was during the breakdown of the Soviet Union


posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 05:39 PM
Most of the people on this forum prefer to live in their own small world where the US has the best tech, best economy and most powerful military and so on. They prefer to compare SU30 to F-15, infact SU27 beats F-15 hands down, as well as MiG29 beats F-16, they call F-22 operational when they can't even fly more than 3 hours before "software" error occurs, and they even proclaim that it has proccessing power of 2 supercomputers when it's use Pentium FSTOA processor which was outdated long ago and can't be compared even to what your desktop has. There are tons of such crap on this forum, they prefer to belittle things that other countries have, and exaggerate their failures,for example: "russian SLBM fails - ha ha - it's outdated", and when it comes to their problems - everything is fine: "american ABM fails(can't even strike rocket with transmitter) - oh it's ok, it's ok", "F-16 crashed - it's ok, it's ok", another tons of examples. Anyway it makes them feel safer. Russia is not as powerful as in the Cold War, but things are constantly improving.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 05:46 PM
I don't know where you are from, because America hands down has the best economy right now (I don't think anyone will dispute that), overall has the best military technology (individual pieces may be behind, but the average is higher here), and in a conventional war we do have the best military. Provide some evidence to the contrary and I will look at it, but these seem to be facts even foreign patriots (ie. people who like their country) that know even a little bit about real military technology agree on.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 06:15 PM
WOW The weapons are looking good. But I think Russia ought to spend more on the people. Before the military.

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