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9/11 Quotes - 2 (add quotes and I'll update)

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posted on Aug, 22 2005 @ 10:23 AM
Controlled Demolitions Eyewittnesses-

Larry Silverstine (Link)
"I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

Clean up worker (Link)
"... we're getting ready to pull the building six."

William Rodriguez (Link)

"At 8.30 I was at the basement talking to one of the supervisors, and at 8.45 we hear an explosion, a huge explosion, and it came from under our feet"

"so I felt a huge explosions and when I was going to verbalize it was when I heard the impact on the top of the building."

Reporters on Demolition-

Rick Sanchez, MSNBC (Link)
"I spoke with some police officials moments ago, Chris, and they told me they have reason to believe that one of the explosions at the World Trade Center, aside from the one that may have been caused by the impact of the plane with the building, may have been caused by a van that was parked in the building that may have had some type of explosive device in it."
"It sounded like a bomb and the lights went on and off, said Sanchez in the tape recording. We started to walk to the exit and a huge ball of fire went through the freight elevator. The hot air from the ball of fire dropped Chino to the floor and my hair got burned,” said Sanchez in the tape recording. “The room then got full of smoke and I remember saying out loud ‘I believe it was a bomb that blew up inside the building.

Experts on 9/11

Aaron Swirsky (Link)

HARRIS: As a member of the team, and having such insight to how this building was constructed, could you believe that a plane could bring these buildings down?

SWIRSKY: No, as a matter of fact, one of the rationales of the structure of the building was that it would be built as a pipe. And that proved itself to work during the explosion of 1993, when a hole was brought into the building, and it survived. But somehow, nobody could foresee anything like (Tuesday's incident).

SWIRSKY: I imagine, when I saw the pictures of the implosion of the building, it looks like the fuel must have leaked right to the core of the building, and from there it was the massive explosion that caused the building to collapse. So it was something completely unforeseen, so far as the design criteria was (concerned).

Van Romero (Cred) (Link)

"My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse," Romero said.
"It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that," Romero said
"One of the things terrorist events are noted for is a diversionary attack and secondary device," Romero said.

Shortly after the original interview -- "Certainly the fire is what caused the building to fail," said Van Romero, a vice president at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Frank A. Demartini (Link)

"The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door -- this intense grid -- and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting".

Experts asking for futher investigation (Link)

"Interviews with a handful of members of the team, which includes some of the nation's most respected engineers, also uncovered complaints that they had at various times been shackled with bureaucratic restrictions that prevented them from interviewing witnesses, examining the disaster site and requesting crucial information like recorded distress calls to the police and fire departments..."
"This is almost the dream team of engineers in the country working on this, and our hands are tied," said one team member who asked not to be identified. Members have been threatened with dismissal for speaking to the press. "FEMA is controlling everything," the team member said.
"I find the speed with which important evidence has been removed and recycled to be appalling."
Officials in the mayor's office declined to reply to written and oral requests for comment over a three- day period about who decided to recycle the steel and the concern that the decision might be handicapping the investigation.."

Figherfighters on 9/11

Louie Cacchioli (People's Magazine)

"I was taking firefighters up in the elevator to the 24th floor to get in position to evacuate workers. On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there were bombs set in the building."

Three firefighters after 9/11 (Link)

"Floor by floor it started popping out. It was as if they had detonators planted to take down a building."

Hospitalized firefighter after 9/11 (Link)

"All the sudden it sounded like gunfire you know; bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. And then all the sudden... 3 big explosions."

Odd Statements by High Ranking Officials

George Bush (Link)
"... I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 12:28 AM
Why wouldn't you add to this? If everyone does 10 minutes of research, this thread could be 5 pages of damning quotes.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 12:32 AM
came close a few times, but I'll add some tomorrow, bandwith capped atm

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 07:03 PM
This should become a famous one pretty quick

QUESTION: One thing, Mr. President, is that you have no idea how much you've done for this country, and another thing is that how did you feel when you heard about the terrorist attack?


Thank you, Jordan (ph).

Well, Jordan (ph), you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."

But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by Shroomery
This should become a famous one pretty quick


As I see it, there are three explanations for that comment:

  1. Bush is lying and made that whole bit up.
  2. Bush is telling the truth and had access to a camera no one else did, that must've been conveniently travelling with the Secret Service.

  3. Bush isn't telling the truth, but is too far gone mentally to realize what he's saying is impossible.

None of those explanations seem that great to me. This is the guy who's leading the most powerful nation in the world.

posted on Aug, 24 2005 @ 07:44 PM
I think it's obvious.
If you're so deeply involved in a case, you tend to forget who knows what.

Easy mistake.

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 01:03 AM
While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.
“I’m not meeting with that goddamned bitch,” Bush screamed at aides who suggested he meet with Cindy Sheehan, the war-protesting mother whose son died in Iraq. “She can go to hell as far as I’m concerned!”

posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 01:52 PM
This what he said in his speech the night of 9-11

I've directed the full resources for our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find
those responsible and bring them to justice. We will make no distinction between the
terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.

This should of been a sign that that someone who 'harbored terrorism' was Sadam Hussein...
Bin Laden is still not caught.... But he won't be....

Someone inform me of Bin Laden's connection to the CIA???

Did he work as an agent?

[edit on 26-8-2005 by TrueLies]

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by white4life420

My Chief at the department gots his hands on a conversation recorded between two fireman. The one must hae been a rookie and said, "what if we die?". THe other one said a quote that hangs above our garage door at the fire house. He said, "You have to go out, You dont have to come Back."

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